…Wisdom fOr sINgle LadIES….

Think that the
problem with your love life
is simply being unable to
find a good catch? Think it
has to do with cosmic
error? Maybe it’s time to
shift that paradigm and
consider that it might be
what you as a single
woman are thinking and
doing that is contrary to
the full life God has in
store for you.
Here are 10 things most single ladies do wrongly

1. Placing marriage on a
pedestal next to God
2. Using singleness as an
excuse to not get on
with the business of living
3. Embracing the Cinderella syndrome and waiting for the
perfect prince to rescue you
4. Missing the significance of the present moment
5. Being short-sighted about life
6. Falling down on the job of life
7. Being completely self-involved
8. Neglecting the most important person in your life next to
God – you
9. Subjecting your heart to foolish choices
10. Giving up and caving in

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