#suGeR DadDy TRenD

This are just a few of the stories I copied from a ladies forum on the internet to form case studies for the informations I summarized below the stories…
Sugar Daddy is becoming a viral trend among the young female folks and it high-time someone informed them. Why make your life an experiment if you have this much testimonies of the woes of dating a sugar daddy…
I dated a sugar daddy,he was kind,caring evrythng u wnt in a men. Most of all he prvde 4 me in evrythng i needed bt nw i regt erva meetng him cause he gave me HIV.Bt there no use of cryng over it coz i got wat i desvd.I’m ervn afrd of tellng pple ma resltz.I’m da only 1 who knwz it,bt nw i see that i’m slimmng down each and evry day.People want 2 knw hw i slimmd down because I was tryng 2 slim 4 a lng time bt nw ma weight just dropng.Dont knw what 2 do coz i’m afraid of gng 4 ma CD4 count.Just the thght of pple looking at me in a differnt way is worrible.So i’m just gng 2 kp quiet until I die.

suger daddies are so wicked i dated one in abuja he lov sex so much if he told me we are going for outing u will think is taking me for shoping of cloth, bag and shoe. He is taking me to hotel for sex. We did this for four time i got pregrant i abort it for him and nearly die and call him one day that we should stop sex relationship he said no since he still lov me, there will still be sex. He still ask me more outing for sex i had sex with him once again. I sit down one day i think what to do and i said if i am still in this abj this man will destrol my life and i run back to lagos . Now I am praying to God to forgive me all my sin and i am liveing a new life with my boy friend .

Sugar daddies is a very dirty thing. I regreted ever giving in to a man. I called hin sugardaddy bcos his married wt kids. I thank God i brookup wt him. Pls, if u’re still in d game, call it quit.

Sugar daddies re caring, loving nd provides ur need bt dey re wicked nd dey cannt keep a particular gal al dey do is go arund wth gals ve sex nd cum back nd gv u wat dey ve contacted g dd outside gals dey carry arun..Dey re really hrtless, cruel nd mean..Gal pls b careful dont b carred way by d flashy tin dey offer..Jst ignore den nd live a wonderful Life wth gr8 future

1. The only thing he wants is sex. He comes and goes back home to his wife.
2. He is never going to leave his wife for you
3. You are most likely not the only one
4. After using you he will move onto someone else
5. He doesn’t owe you anything
6. Getting pregnant on purpose
won’t trap him, his kids are at home with his wife
7. His money and properties are his and his wife’s, you only get the small change
8. You will never be part of his future

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