JOy is hEre, wAke-UP – Ps. 30:5

“Morning happens when you wake -up” -Israel Houston.

…I’m trading my sorrows is a popular praise song in Nigerian churches…am not sure Women of Faith composed it but it was a hit track in their Extravagant Grace album.

…Now, I don’t know if you have listened to Israel Houston’s version of the same song…great energy-the Israel and his New Breed style, close to the end of the song he added a Bridge…and in introducing the bridge he made a statement that struck me, he said “…joy come in the morning, morning is not necessarily what has an A.M next to it, but what happens when you WAKE UP!

It felt like I was struck by a Bolt of Rhema!

How pitiful some people never
Experience Joy all their life
All because they never wake-up!
Joy is locking just beyond your eye-lids

Reminded of the story of the 4 lepers
Who where abandoned at the gate
They crush their fears & enhanced prophesy
Joy is locking just beyond your fears

The blind man of Bartimaeus come to mind
Confined to a spot by is disability
He un-entangled himself & reached for help
Joy is locking just beyond you limitations

Joy is here….wake up!

You’re Great-By-Design

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