..feW NamEs of GOd in my L2-Yoruba



A dani wa ye – The one creates us and places us on the planet earth
A se da orun – Creator of the heavenly beings
A se yio wu ni o – He does as He pleases
Aabo wa – Our protector
Aanu ati ife ti ko lopin – He’s full of mercy and love that never ends
Aanu re po bi iyanrin eti okun – His mercy is like the sand on the seashore
Aba nise ma pada lehin eni – The one who helps us till the end
Abe ti lu kara bi ajere – God’s ear is always open to hear us all at the same time
Abetilukara bi ajere – God who is all ears
Abiyamo ode orun – The great mother of heaven
Ada gba ma paro oye – The King who is royal forever
Adagba ma paaro oye – Unchanging God
Adajo ma fi t’enikan se – The just Judge
Adakedajo – He who Judges silently
Adani ma gba gbe – The creator, who never forgets his creation
Adunbalo – Worthy to follow
Adunbarin – Worthy to walk with
Adunkepe – God you can call on
Aduro gboingboin lehin asotito – Defender of the Truthful
Aduro tini bi akoni eleru – The faithful God
Aduro tini lojo isoro – The one who stands by us in crisis
Afunni ma s’iregun – The God who blesses without asking for reward
Agbalagba oye -, He never grows old, His kingship is eternal
Agbani lagbatan – The one who delivers completely
Agbara nla to so Ile aiye ro – The power that upholds the world
Agbara re ki ba ti – His power always overcomes in any situation
Agbara to bori gbogbo agbara – The power that’s above all powers
Agbo ma te ni o – The ancient One who never grows weak
Agboro dan alailara – The advocate of the defenseless
Aiku – Living God
Aisa – Faithful
Ajasegun – The Conqueror
Ajoke aiye o – The one who rains on all the inhabitants of the earth
Akan yan yan kan yin yin tin se ise Imole – The one who manages the various forms of light/heat-Sun, Moon, Stars etc
Akiri s’ore – He who goes about doing good
Akoda aye – The first among all things
Alaabo – Our keeper
Alaafin ode orun – Owner of the heavenlies
Alaanu – Merciful God
Alaanu ni o ati Oloore – A God who has mercy and blesses
Alabarin aye wa – Our companion
Alade wura – The one with the Golden Crown
Alagbada Ina – The One with a garment of fire
Alagbala imole – His abode is light
Alagbala Ola to lla re nmi legbe legbe – The owner of the overflowing opulent mansions of heaven.
Alagbara l’orun ati l’aye – Mighty in heaven and on the earth
Alagbara laiye ati lorun – God has the supreme power on earth and in heaven
Alagbawi eda – Defender
Alakoso orun – Supreme Director of heaven
Alakoso orun at’aye – The God of heaven
Alanu eda – Will always have mercy on his creation
Alase laiye ato lorun – The lawgiver of the earth and heaven
Alasepe ni o – Completer
Alatilehin – Our succor
Alawo tele orun – The one who is so full of light
Alawotele oorun – He whose underwear is Sun
Aleselewi – He that can Act and Speak
Alewilese – He that can Speak and Act
Alpha ati Omega – Alpha and Omega
Apase wa ni pa ase re la fi da ohun gbogbo – The one who has authority to give orders, and by His orders have all things been created
Apata aiyeraiye – Rock of Ages
Apata ayeraye – The Rock of ages
Apata ti ko se fo ri so, Apata idigbolu – He’s like a rock, and can’t be defeated
Apata wa – Our Rock of Ages
Araba ti ki ku – An Oak that never dies
Aribirabata – A Great God
Arinu r’ode – God who sees the visible and the invisible
Arugbo ojo – Ancient of days
Arugbo ojo gbogbo – The ancient one who spans the past, present and the future
As’oloriburuku d’olorire – God who can remove the inadequacies from ones life
As’ore kiiri – He who goes about doing good
Aseda orun – He established the heavens
Aseke orun – The one who allows entrance into heaven, but on His terms
Asi ma so egun gbigbe eni da – The one who revives our dry bones/lifeless areas of our lives
Asiwaju eda – The leader of creation
Asiwaju ohun gbogbo – The leader of all things
Asoku d’alaye – He who brings the dead to life
Asoro ma ta se – The one whose words never fails
Asorodayo – He who gives joy
Asoromaye – He who prophesies and it comes to past
Ata ile aiye ro bi agogo – The One who holds the world like a pendulum
Atererekariaye – He spreads out across the earth
Atobiju – The Almighty
Atofarati – Our defense
Atofarati bi oke – Our support and defense
Atofokante – Our Confidant
Atogbojule – Dependable God
Atogbokanle – The trustworthy God
Atorise – God who can turn a bad situation to good
Awa ma ri di – Mysterious God
Awamaridi – Unsearchable God
Awimayehun – He who speaks and does not change His words
Awogba arun ma gbe je – The physician who heals for free
Awuwo ma se gbe – The one who can’t be overthrown
Baba ati Olorun le je fun awon alaini baba – A father and a God to the fatherless
Baba mi arugbo ojo – My Father the ancient of Days
Baba mi ta o le pe lejo – My father that can’t be summoned for questioning
Baba wa – Our father
Commander ni o ninu awon orun – The Commander of the heavens
Efi ilekun se omi okun mo nigbati o ya jade bi enipe o ti inu tu jade wa – You marked the boundaries for the waters when you created them
Ekun oko Pharaoh – The powerful One who destroys every Pharaoh (stumbling blocks) in our lives
Eleburu ike – God who’s care for us overflows
Eleda – Creator
Eledumare – God
Eleeda ohun gbogbo – Creator of all things
Eleeda orun ati aiye – Creator of the earth and the heaven
Eleri Ikehin – The supplier of the evidence at judgment
Eleru ni yin – God is fearful in praise
Eleti gbohun gba ro ye – He’s attentive to whatever we have to say
Eletigb’aroye – The great ear that hears all over the world
Elewu oye – The One robed in royalty
Eleyinju Imole – The One with Holy eyes
Emi ni ti nje Emi ni – I am the I am
Eni aiyeraiye – The Eternal One
Eni iyanu – Miracle working God
Eni ko o mo – Those who challenge Him, do not know Who they are up against
Eni mo o ko – Those who know Him, do not dare challenge Him
Eni ti nrin lori iye apa afefe – He moves on the wings of the wind
Enita ki ki ki ta o le ki tan – You can never exhaust all His attributes
Eniti ofo ilekun ide – He that broke the gates of brass
Eri Olola – Evidence of the wealthy
Eru jeje l’eti okun pupa – The Most powerful by the red sea
Eru re saa lo mba mi erujeje – I fear you my God
Gbani, gbani tan sa ya – A deliverer that we can always run to for help
Gbanigbani ni’jo ogun le – Our defense in time of war
Gbongbo idile Jesse – The root of the tribe of Jesse
Ibere ati opin – The Alpha and omega
Ibi iparun ko si ni iboju – Destruction has no hiding place from Him
Ibi isadi olododo – The refuge of the righteous
Ibi isadi wa – – Our refuge
ihoho ni ipo-oku niwaju re – Death is naked, it can’t hide from Him
Ijinle Ife – Original Lover
Ikan lana – Same yesterday
Ikan lola – Same tomorrow
Ikan loni – Same today
Imole ninu okunkun aye – The light in darkness
Ireti wa – Our Hope
Iwo la ko da aiye – Creator and owner of the world
Iwo la lade Ogo – The One with a Glorious Crown
Iwo la lagbala itura – The owner of the palace of comfort
Iwo la so ro ma ye – His word will always stand and not fail
Iwo lo fi aiye sole lori ipile re ti ko le sipo pada lailai – He who has established the foundation of the earth that can’t be moved forever
Iwo lo pase fun owuro lati igba ojo re wa – He gave orders to the morning
Iwo loba to mo Iwon ipinle aiye – The one who measured the foundations of the earth
Iwo lolugbeja omo orukan – The defender of the orphan
Iye – Resurrection
Jagunjagun ode orun – The great warrior of heaven
Jehovah Rapha – The Healer
Kabiyeesi – The King
Metalokan – The Trinity
Mimo, Mimo, Mimo – Holy! Holy! Holy
Nipa ase re ni idi nfi fo lo soke ki o le lo te ite re si oke giga – By the order of the Almighty, the eagle soars to heights to build its nest
Nipa ti Olodumare awa ko le wa di re – The ways of God is past finding out
O da Okun ati Iyangbe ile, oorun osuupa ati awon irawo – Creator of the sea, land, sun, moon and stars
O ki iba idajo ati opolopo otito – Righteous Judge
O rekoja ni ipa – Excellent in might
O si ke opa-idabu irin si agbedemeji – He cut the bars of iron in sunder
O si mu ila orun mo ipo re – He shows the dawn its place.
O wa fi omi bo ipile aiye mole bi aso – He covered the foundation of the earth with water as with a garment.
Oba Akikitan – Eternity will not be enough to praise and honour you, O Lord.
Oba alade alafia – The Prince of peace
Oba alagbada imole – The one with the garment of light
Oba alaya funfun – Immaculate God
Oba aseyiowu – Unquestionable God
Oba awon oba – King of Kings
Oba lana, Oba loni, Oba titi ayeraye – God of yesterday, God of today, God forver
Oba mi eyin le kan okuta igun ipile aiye – My King, who sets the cornerstone of the earth in place
Oba onise nla – The great worker of good
Oba t’ao ri, sugbon t’ari ise owo Re – The God whom we can not see but whose handwork we see
Oba t’ao ri, sugbon t’ari ise owo Re – The unseen God but we can feel his=impact
Oba t’enikan o le pe l’ejo – The king that can not be judged
Oba t’o bi odi Jeriko wo – God who fell down the walls of Jericho
Oba t’o da monamona fun ojo – The God who created lightning for the rain
Oba t’o f’oro da ile aye – He that created all things by his spoken word
Oba t’o fi’di aye s’ole s’ori omi – He who established the earth on waters
Oba t’o ju gbogbo orisa lo – The almighty God
Oba t’o mo ohun gbogbo – The all knowing God
Oba t’o mo wa – He that knoweth us
Oba t’o mo wa – The Potter
Oba t’o mu ‘banuje tan – God who puts an end to sorrow
Oba t’o mu iji dake roro – God who commands the storm, peace be still
Oba t’o n dahun adura – Prayer answering God
Oba t’o n dahun adura pelu ina – God that answered by fire
Oba t’o ninu mimo – Righteous God
Oba t’o pin okun pupa n’iya – God who parted the red sea
Oba t’o san gbogbo ‘gbese wa – God who pays the price for our sins
Oba t’o se’gun agbara ese – God who delivers from the grip of sin
Oba t’o ti wa, t’o si wa, ti o si ma wa lailai – The God that was, is and forever shall be
Oba t’o yan wa fe – God who has predestined us
Oba t’oni gbogbo ope – He who deserves all praise
Oba t’oni k’omasi, ti o si si mo – The God who can close a door and no man can open it
Oba t’oni k’owa, t’owa – The God who commands
Oba t’oni olo, t’olo – The God who commands
Oba ti aanu Re duro lailai – God whose mercies endureth for ever
Oba ti emi gbogbo enia wa l’owo Re – He who has the keys to our existence
Oba ti gbobo oba nt’owo Re gb’ase – Kings from whom kings take directives
Oba ti ki sun, ti ki togbe – The king that neither sleeps nor slumbers
Oba ti kii s’ojusaju – The just God
Oba ti ko ni pin ogo Re pel’enikankan – God that does not share his glory with any man
Oba ti mbe nibi gbogbo nigba gbogbo – The ubiquitous God
Oba ti n p’ojo iku da – God who can change one’s appointment with death
Oba ti nki soju saju awon omo-alade beni ki nka oloro si ju talaka lo , nitoripe ise owo re ni gbogbo won je – A King that doesn’t impress the rich/famous, nor favor the rich over the poor, because they are all the work of His hands
Oba ti nsi t’enikan o leti – He who opens and no one can close
Oba ti nti t’enikan o lesi – He who shuts and no one can open
Oba ti ntu won ka nibi ti won nti da’na iro – He who causes confusion in the camp of the enemy
Oba ti nwo. sugbon aiye eni san – The healer of our weaknesses
Oba ti nyoni kuro ninu ofin aye – God who rescues from the dungeon
Oba ti o ma wa nigba t’aye o ni si mo – He who will remain at the end of all things
Oba ti ohun gbogbo nbe n’ikawo Re – God who has the whole world in His hands
Oba ti s’agan d’olomo – The God who opens the womb of the barren
Oba titi ayeraye – God forever
Oba to fi awosanma se aso okun – You made clouds as garments for the ocean
Oba to gbe aiye ro lo ri ofo – The one who suspends the earth on nothing. Halleluyah!!!
Oba to joko soke orun to f’ile aye se itise Re – He makes the heaven His seat and the earth His footstool
Oba to ni owa t’owa – The God who commands
Oba to ti o gbe oro Re ga ju Oruko Re lo – The God who exalts His word more that His name
Oba to ti wa k’aye o towa – He who was in existence before creation
Oba toto bi a ro – A King who is truly worthy
Oda osuupa fun akoko(He created the moon for certain times and seasons
Odi wa – Our shield
Ofi agbara fun esin – He gave the horse its strength
Ogbagba ti ngb’ara adugbo – The Protector
Ogbeja k’eru o ba onija – God who fights for the defenseless
Ogo ni fun oruko mimo re ni oruko nla Jesu. Amin – I glorify your Holy name in Jesus name. Amen.
Okan titi aye ainipekun – The same forever
Okiribiti, Aji po jo iku da – The one who can decide to cancel the day of death
Olododo – The Truthful
Olodumare – The Almighty
Ologo meta – The Trinity
Ologojulo – The Glorious God
Oloore ofe – The Gracious God
Oloruko nla – The Great name
Olorun – God
Olorun Abrahamu – God of Abraham
Olorun agbalagba – Ancient of days
Olorun ajinde – The resurrected Lord
Olorun alaaye – God of the living
Olorun awon omo ogun – The great warrior
Olorun ayo – The God that gives Joy
Olorun Baba – God the Father
Olorun Emi Mimo – God the Holy spirit
Olorun Erujeje – A God to be feared
Olorun ife – The God of Love
Olorun Isaki – God of Isaac
Olorun Jakobu – God of Jacob
Olorun kan lailai – The only God
Olorun kan lailai taiye atorun mbo – The eternal God whom the earth and heavens worship
Olorun Omo – God the son
Olorun oro – Word – The God of spoken work
Olorun owu – The jealous God
Olorun pipe – Perfect God
Olorun rere – Good God
Olorun t’ape t’o n je – The God that you can call and He will answer
Olorun t’o kolu Egipiti l’ara awon akobi re – God who killed the first born of the Egyptians
Olorun t’o le se ohun gbogbo – God who can do all things
Olorun t’o mu Jodani sa niwaju awon omo Re – God who parted the River Jordan for His children
Olorun t’o n gbo adura – God who hears prayers
Olorun t’o tobi ju gbogbo aye lo – God who is greater than all the earth
Olorun t’oni gbogbo iyin – He who deserves all honour
Olorun ti kii s’enia ti yio paro – God that is not man that can change i.e. reliable God
Olorun ti o yipada – Unchanging God
Olorun wa – Our God
Olotito – The Truthful
Olowogbogboro – God whose hand is long enough to reach anywhere
Olu aye – God on earth
Olu orun – God in heaven
Olubukun – The Blessed God
Oludamoran – The Great adviser
Oludande – Our deliverer
Oludariji – Our forgiver
Olufe okan wa – Lover of our soul
Olugbala – Our Saviour
Olugbega – The lifter of our head
Olulana – The wonderful way maker
Olumoranokan eda – He who sees the intent of the heart of man
Olupamo – Our Keeper
Olupese – Our Provider
Oluranlowo – Our help
Olusegun – The Conqueror
Oluso – Our guard
Olutoju wa – Our Keeper
Olutunu – Comforter
Olutusile – God of freedom
Oluwa – Lord
Oluwa awon oluwa – The Lord of Lords
Oluwa wa – Our Lord
Oluwosan – The healer
Onibuore – God whose barn is full of blessing
Onigbonwo wa – Our Sponsor
Onimajemu – Covenant keeping God
Onise ara – Wonderful God
Onise iyanu – Miracle worker
Onise nla – Great God
Ore wa – Our friend
Owibee sebee – He that Speaks and Acts
Oyigiyigi – Great and Mighty


You’re Great-By-Design

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