yOu Are MorE thaN a Follower

…You are a Fire!

It’s the very early hours of a brand new day in this part of the world…in Nigeria it’s about 6:30 GMT…

I started this blog my first about a month ago, and am so thrilled about the followership…I want to assure you that you are more that a follower for/to me…you are a motivation! Do you know how it feels, posting some line online and being rightly assured someone is reading it – especially beyond the Atlantic and Pacific…am so honored.

Your re-blogs, comments, likes…make me blush. I may not have all the time now to reply your comments and follow…my time is ablely consumed by my University Administrative Job! Soonest I’ll get use to all the dynamics of blogging – it’s my first you know!

Thanks again

With Love from Me
Oluwatade CoachFaith

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