DuES Ex MachINA -By Cranston Holden

I first heard this term from Jeff Olsen in his book, “The Slight Edge”.  In ancient Greek theater, characters would get themselves into the biggest mess a playwright could possibly dream up.  They would use a plot device known as Dues ex Machina, where a seemingly unsolvable problem would be suddenly and abruptly resolved by an unexpected god or character with a special power who would be lowered in by a machine with a rope and harness to set everything right and save the day.  Hence the name

Deus ex Machina, which in Latin means, “god from the machine”.

For good reason the Greek theater was criticized very heavily for using this method in most of their plays.  They would continuously paint their main character into a corner of absolute disaster when in the last few minutes a man dressing in a fancy robe attached to a harness would float in and untangle his disaster of a situation. 

It was viewed as lazy by many critics that pointed out how the playwright couldn’t finish his own story.

How often are we doing the same thing with our own lives? We repeatedly do the same thing day in and day out expecting things to somehow, by some floating miracle, to change.  Our small seemingly insignificant errors in judgment are compounded over time paint our future of success into a virtual corner.

Are we WAITING ON SUPERMAN in our personal health?  Do you make small errors in judgment in the amount and types of food you put into your body?  If you do I would make the safe assumption that exercise isn’t a high priority.  But somehow things will change right?

Are we WAITING ON SUPERMAN with our relationships? Is one day at the end of your life someone will magically make everyone surround you at your death bed and tell you what a great life you’ve lived and what a positive influence you’ve had on them when you’ve been self-absorbed your entire life?

Are we WAITING ON SUPERMAN in our career? Do we continue to do the same thing day in and day out, without intentionally trying anything that will improve your personal development?  One day the CEO will come in and tell you, “You’ve been here a long time.  I think I’ll promote you when even though others are more qualified.”

Are we WAITING ON SUPERMAN with our finances? Do you have a plan to be able to live comfortable at a respectable age or are you just hoping it will all just work out?
Are YOU waiting on DUES EX MACHINA to solve your problems “one day”?  I encourage you to start making the small choices that when compounded over time will achieve what you really want. 

Don’t wait for a miracle.   BE THE MIRACLE!!!!

You’re Great-By-Design

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