…My XMAS Cloth

How time spins, how memories pile
How life reads at the tickles
Compiling great catalogue of memories.

Memories, that’s what they are now
Essence, that’s what they were at the time.
You feel incomplete without a few of them.

These feelings change with seasons, didn’t they?
Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Jan. 1, topping the list
How strong are this feeling with you now?

The stronger they are the younger you are, so I feel
This feelings evaporate with age, so I think…
As they get heated by the ultra-ray of worries.

How I want that feeling back so badly
No worries, no cares. Just fun…
How I want to claim a privilege by nagging

How I wish someone realises am not too old to cry
For what I love so badly.
That a wish list (like my niece’s) isn’t a bad idea.

“Uncle, check my Xmas wish list and add your gift:
Glasses, shoes, wrist-watch, iPod, eclairs (1pk), 1pen,
Cute doll, and my Xmas cloth.” From Enny with love.

What an audacity. So who is out there?
You don’t want to see my wish list. Would you?
Let’s start with my Christmas Cloth…

You’re Great-by-Design


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