StreAmLiNe your LiFE – Caston Holden

There are certain things in a person’s life that really make worth living.  Your faith, your family, your career, and the positive effect you have on others, just to name a few.  These are you priorities. With each priority there are certain tasks that you do that attribute to each priority.   In the same sense, there are certain things in a job that make the biggest difference.  There are hundreds upon millions of certain task to choose from.  Imagine like a wall full of levers and you have to discern which ones to pull down to make your life work.  The problem with life is most people are overwhelmed with which lever to pull to make life worthwhile.


We want to make the biggest difference so we start pulling as many levers as possible. And we get bogged down.  Imagine your life like a computer.  You have so many things you want to accomplish so you start opening a lot of programs.  You open up a browser and start looking at websites. In fact you may open multiple tabs on that same browser.  You then open up a word processer, then excel, then a media player, then a picture viewer and before you know it your computer is running slower than you expect it to.  This is the way life works.  If you get bogged down doing too many things you become less and less effective at what is really important.


Here are three ways to STREAMLINE YOUR LIFE.


Delete it.

Sometimes it more important to say no than it is to say yes.  Say no to the things that don’t directly contribute to the priorities you find most important.  There are only a handful of things that you do that actually make a difference.  If you find yourself crunching numbers that have no ROI, delete it.  Your time is too valuable. I personally find myself double recording some things that have a easier method of tracking.


Delegate it.

What makes you valuable may not be balancing the books.  What may make you valuable is your ability to communicate with a large number of people at a time or play a musical instrument, or your skillset of selling.  If balancing the books is taking too much of your productive time, delegate it.  Give it to someone who is just as capable at doing an adequate job and give them the opportunity to take on the responsibility.  If your time is worth $100 an hour, you don’t have the time to perform a task that is worth $10 an hour.


Diminish it.

Sometimes you can’t avoid all nonproductive things.  Some people you still have to deal with even if you would rather not.  There may be a person you work with that has a negative attitude but his contribution is vital.  You may not be able to avoid him all together but you can diminish the time you spend with him so his negatively doesn’t rub off on you.

You’re Great-by-Design

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