3 Ways To Build Momentum Towards Your Goals


Use January wisely. Use the energy of the New Year to build momentum!
The fact of the matter is that reaching our goals won’t be easy. If it was easy, everyone who said they were going to do something  – would do it. But we know it doesn’t work like that. We know the average person settles, makes excuses and then complains about it. But that is not who you are. You are ready. You are in it for the long haul and you know that one day will be your day. But if you quit, that day will never come. Do not quit on your goals. Be courageous! Fight the good fight! Think of all the people who will benefit from you giving the world your gift! 

Its very important that you realize that it will take time. That’s why momentum is key. Here are 3  ways to build momentum towards your goals!

1. Believe it’s possible for you. Belief in your self takes practice. Belief is a muscle. Read your goals everyday, so you can hear it, see it and taste. Know that it’s NOT just possible for someone else who might seem to have more money, more connections or more of a head start. Know that it is possible FOR YOU!  And don’t ever compare yourself to anybody else! Just focus on being better than you were yesterday!

2. Take consistent action! In order for you to make it happen, you have to engage in consistent action. Everyday you must think to yourself, “What can I do to get closer to my goal?” That will keep you in alignment. Of course, at times you will be tempted to do nothing or go astray, but ask yourself, “Is this helping me make my goal real?” If the answer is no, let it go! One of my mantras for productivity is, “I am not too busy to make my dream real!” 

3. Have faith in a higher power. Many times in personal development we focus solely on what we are doing – which is critical to success. With that said, we must also make time to let go and have faith that we are blessed and highly favored, no matter what our circumstances are. We must believe we have been given this fight, this mission and this purpose for a reason – and that no matter what it, will work out. Whether its God, the Universe or whatever you choose to believe in that is above yourself – have faith that a higher energy is guiding you, pushing you and most importantly – LOVING YOU!

You’re Great-by-Design


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