What are You Doing?

Yesterday, I was reading and came across a story, which looked so true to me. In just few words it delivered a wise message. I’d like to share it with you too.

The story was about three men, who were working on a construction site. All of them were cutting stones. All three of them were asked the same question, but their answers were completely different.

 The question was simple: “What are you doing?”

 The answers were the following:

 The first man told: “I am cutting a stone”.

The second one said: “I am making a living”.

And only the third one told: “I am building a cathedral”.

 It all comes down to purpose, I guess. The first man did not see purpose or any value in what he was doing. Most probably at the end of the day he went home tired and did not want to go back to work the next morning. This guy was the unhappiest one.

 The second guy looked at it differently. For him there was a value in what he did – that is earning a living. He knew why he was getting up every morning and compared to the first man, this one had a driving force that kept him going. But the second man saw the value of all his efforts in getting his salary only. In best case the guy will be looking for a better paid job and move on at some point.

The third man knew that the first two men were right. He too was cutting a stone and making a living, but he saw something more in what he did. He was also making a difference. He was building a cathedral for all those, who needed hope and spirituality. The guy felt that it was much more than cutting stones and maybe that is why he was at peace with what he did every day.

So which one are you?

Are you cutting a stone, making a living or building a cathedral? Are you making a difference?

You’re Great-by-Design


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