But the LORD is in his majestic palace. The whole earth is speechless in his presence!” Habakkuk 2:20 is a portion of the scripture that affirms the required decorum & comportment at worship center. Let me say as a matter of fact the Good is not to blame for our irresponsible leadership that refuses to provide and maintain social amenities.

That points to a particular menace I find disturbing and sensing God displeasure about. CHARGING DEVICES IN CHURCH. Its strange to find that some people come to church SOLELY to charge their phones, iWhatevers, laptops as against getting their Spirits charged and refreshed and they stand like mahogany during worship and snore like hyena during message.

I foresee a time when people will bring their UPS&inverters to top in church. Or a when some churches will start to use CHARGING POINTS as Baits (I wouldn’t call that evangelism Strategy) or a when people will start to boast about the church’s Charging Capacity; the number of Charging points in their own church.

I felt sick in my  today as I watched two young men walk into the half-through-service today extension box in hand and went straight to the electric socket plugged other devises and pulled two chairs to themselves, to monitor the devices, am sure God want happy with those dudes… If you are also trapped in the web of this indulgence WATCH IT…Don’t attract God’s wrath on your head because of some disposable o.

He who has hear let him hear!

You’re Great-by-Design


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