Lowly are the cradles where might men come forth.
Often amazing to their admirers
Seeing that greatness is not a function of background
But a reward of diligence plus determination plus divinity

Sick road, hurting edifice, restless animals
Evident of a lonely gray-haired settlement
Thou great in history she lies calm, a sleeping warrior
Breeding stuffs of value and global relevance
There forth cometh the Man of Ifewara

From a humble beginning –a beginning of low estate 
A gift to a poor but noble clan
Born amidst cravings, a solution to yearnings
Mother pressured on inside, father pleasured outside
Product of a father heart

1942 saw the reaping of the father’s seed
On March the second even the enemies rejoiced
Joy descended like a thousand rain knocks on the roof
A son is born, a child of destiny came forth

Trouble struck in the high places
Confusion broke loose like the plague of flies
Little did they know that rejoiced
That a terror to the kingdom of darkness was born
A clog to the chariots of demons

They raised their ugly head towards the blues
To cover his glittering star but they met shame
It was already covered – covered by His blood
Appointed before conception,
He was anointed from the womb.

All their efforts grounded, but the last card
They increased the furnace of poverty around his clans
Seven times more that even the poor called them poor
To scorch his destiny; a destiny determined
But God brought out a Shining Prince from the Pauper’s Den

A prince nonetheless squeezed through the needle eye
Tortured and battered in the vicious cycle of penury
Brought so low on the scale of privilege
Yet God was tailoring a prophet of His own fashion

Knowledge was expensive but ignorance not a bargain
In the whirl and fury storm of life a destined champ grows
Stomach or Brain, Food or Knowledge
Running a empty stomach but robust intellect
Embracing present pressure stretching for future treasure

Greatness is every young-heart’s delight
But age exuberance deflects many ‘would-have-beens’
Holding to an only consolation; of a hopeful future
He pressed harder for the prize of higher strains

Hoping against hope to someday act the saviour
To unveil the splendour of his father’s house
To mop their shame and ridicule
The more he tried the close he came
To the hallmark; the milestone of the valour

Little did he realise His plan for his life
He saw His every move but knew Him not
Salvaged from death, sickness and terrible dilemmas
Protected in war times, safe in peaceful moments
But for His purpose; a noble intention

After all the tossing and tousling
The man is made, made to impact his world
Born to lead an army of flock
To lead a host to the feast in the sky
To bruise and confound the head of powers that be

Impact! He heard in his spirit, straight to the classroom he matched
Armed with mathematical inclination and qualification
Stocking young-minds with formulas and theories
Manipulating thesis and postulations
Aiming still for the peak of a chosen career

Called to serve in different capacities,
He grew yet stronger and bigger in a path of choice
Delighted in the temporary leprosy of chalks
Brains pop as he unlocks the mysteries of arithmetic
A worthy physician of Applied Mathematics

Eventually the Call came, the Greater Call to servitude
A call to service, so strange at the time
Realising his life wasn’t his, he owned up to Him
To Him who abounds even in his ignorance
Such a paradigm shift, a purpose re-modified.

It was a total change of ownership
A change that leaves one with nothing
Pulled from his past and nailed to the feet of Calvary
Where His dripping blood purges and purifies
Such a total experience, an unending testimony

Saved by grace alone, bought at a price thou
A price He had fully paid – A cost so amazing
Save to save many, not be his strength thou
But strength from on High – A power so compelling
An unction from the Holy One

Finding a root in the Kingdom wasn’t so difficult
His Elijah found him – the stage was almost set
Feeding him with the milk, then the tendon of Truth
Teaching him to digest the bone therein
A worthy mentor, an apostle of sort

Constantly pouring himself into his follower
He birth a new order of believers panting for righteousness
He adopted you a true son, a worthy steward
A witness to the American confirmation
He planted and ascended to join the cloud of witness

Starting with Twelve Fire Brand Believers
Together they planted, with one mind they tilled
Then you stepped into the Vineyard
Gradually pulling your mortal and gown
To take on new lessons of Husbandry

The sceptre dropped on your shoulders
Thou divine yet strange, puzzling the astuteness of men  
Breaking protocol of tap-rooted antecedence
He ascended the hill of leadership
Against the conspiracy of the men of his days

Gossips spread, rebellion grew, shoulders rose
Against the emergence a chosen one
‘Brethren, we’ll give account of every idle word’ he counselled
Their conscience pricked – Peace rained
A shower that’ll never end

The beach encounter
Draw the image of a man on this wet sand. Drawn Lord!
Wipe the image from the sand. Wiped Lord!
So will I wipe you off the day you raise your shoulders
A warning resounding, an impression so heavy

An epitome of humility
A symbol of the presence of the All Mighty God
Carrying His anointing about in his broken frame
Withdraws daily into his meek mansion at Holiness Road
Humbler, wiser, greater – so is the track of the meek

A picture of brokenness
Travelled to and fro the earth
Broadcasting the gospel of peace to troubled lands
Working Miracles in the name above other names
But with a contrite heart and a mind for solemn service

An example of dedication
Burning up his dearest dreams and ambitions
Clinging diligently to the noble profession of teaching
Impacting the word of life, speaking life with rare passion
Still, to see God to make a show of His Grace through him

An eye for the harvest
Breaking fallow grounds, opening new boroughs
For the enlargement of His Kingdom on Earth
Lost in the field, buried in the pyramids of harvest
Constantly recharging for the Greater Commission

An unrelenting intercessor
Standing in the gap for nations
Mediating for the families of the Earth
Waiting, watching and claiming His promises for the land
By the groaning of the heart than of many tongues

Deep insight, bright foresight
Blessed with the word of Knowledge
An attentive listener to the heart beat of God 
Proclaiming to the nations as revealed what is to come
Your startling foresight and visions terrifies the fainting youths

A shoulder to bear
Over three decades of full pursuance of you mandate
A mandate fashioned in the heavens,
Mysteriously delivered to an unlettered
That He may confirm the authenticity of this Commission

A father of nations
Blessed thou with seeds from his own loins
Yet he’s got a quiver full of God’s heritage
A mentor to father, a leader of rulers
An honourable elder statesman, an inspiration to host

A bishop in deed
Built a home solid enough to resist the tide of time
The husband of a true mother; the stay of mighty men
With seeds so precious that even the angels envy
A template of fidelity 

A heart that gives, a hand that scatters
You have built a band of giver not in multitude of words
But by the demonstration of the power of giving
Giving your essence to the service of God and humanity
Your life is touching lives – A true blessing you are.

A consultant of sort
Why wouldn’t the kings wonders?
Seeing you administer such a mammoth Ocean of flocks
No panic, no pandemic, no pandemonium
For the wisdom of a god they beg

Greater works than this
‘We are not yet there’ he fondly says
Creatures awaits the audacity of your son-ship
Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard
What He is set to do with your life

Like butterflies we are drown
By the radiant fragrance of your mandate
Compelled by the assurance of your vision
We run to see your dreams fly
We live to fulfil the Great Commission

Let somebody shout Alleluia
Yet millions want to outdo themselves,
Unknowingly fulfilling a mother’s prophesy.
Causing commotion as demons take to their heels
Their plans destabilized, triumph established.

He leads a life worthy of records,
A meritorious status to reckon with
Setting kingdom record to the glory of His name
The Earth will never record from the exploits you wrought
In the name of Jesus Christ

The harvest grows bigger, the Army grows stronger
Equipped with the whole armour of God
To stand against the vices of the devil
Not pretending innocence, no chances for ignorance
He leads in all spiritual exercises to build a body worthy of the rapture

No single record will bear all you have done
Except the indelible ledger in heaven
That keeps an account of every-man’s transactions
You are sure making eternal profit at the moment
May you never run loss in this Business of Life

Anyone can call him any name
So are the identities of worthy men of multiple paternal claims
Someone called him the 49th Most Influential Persons on Earth
A conferment that abbreviate your purpose and mission

A man of strong character and reputation
Against all odds gave in to bear the light yoke of God.
Deaf to other attractions, focused on whispering field of harvest
Patriotic and passionate about the land
A man-servant of the Most High God

It gives me great delight to do this poetic voyage
Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.
For seventy something years of a worthy life
I present these narrative lines.

You’re Great-by-Design


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