People change

…because they are human simple..!

I read the story of a tourist town, in this town there live an old man who sits in front of his house every day and welcomes visitors at time giving them directions. On this day he sat outside with his grand-daughter and visitors trooped by as usual…asking question and seeking help.
1st Tourist asked the old-man “are the people in this town good? The old-man asked back ‘how about the people of the land you come from? ‘The tourist answered ‘oh loving people, and hospitable’. The oldman answered back ‘that’s just how they are here too living and hospitable’
2nd Tourist passed by and. Said ‘old man how are the people of this town?’ The Goldman asked him just what he asked the 1st tourist and he replied ‘crazy people oldman, I may not go back if the are good people here’ and the old man said ‘unfortunately they are worse here…’. The watching granddaughter got confused as he saw the second tourist turning back she asked grandpa ‘why did you tell them different things’ Grandpa said ‘no town is bad of it’s own, it is then people that makes it good or bad…’

No person was created bad…it was the behaviours and character that he gathered in his/her conformations and confrontations with the people around that has made them what they are. Complaining about people would not change them, let the change bigin with you.
People around you are a reflection of your person and personality. If you think there is this guy around who is not just it, check yourself…you are not it as well…WISDOM

You’re Great-by-Design



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