The World is Watching


After his Sunday messages, the pastor of a church in London got on trolley Monday morning to go back to his study town. He paid his fare, and the trolley driver gave him too much change.

The pastor sat down and fumbles the change and looked it over and counted it over and again. And you know the normal realization, “it’s so wonderful how God provides” he realized he was tight that week and this was all he needed to break even or at least lunch.

He struggled with himself all the way down to his office. And finally he came to the stop and got up, couldn’t live with himself, walked up to the trolley driver and said “here, you gave me too much change. You made a mistake” the driver said “no, it wasn’t a mistake. You see, I was in you church last night when you spoke on honesty, and I thought I would put you to test”

NOTE: “watch you steps, the world is watching, the fun you’re catching today may be your undoing tomorrow”!

You’re Great-by-Design



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