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Needless to say, this is a big topic. That said, here are a few key things you can do that will go a long way towards ensuring you hit the pillow each night with a greatest sense of accomplishment.
1. Be intentional. Most people move through their daily lives without much more than a thought as to what they will do, much less what they hope to accomplish for the day. Be pour purposeful to have a great sense of fulfillment at the end of your day.
2. Start your day on your own terms. Rather than bobbing and weaving through your day, trying to deal with whatever comes your way, instead take the time to do a little planning the
day before. The beauty of this approach is simple, and powerful, because you can cut down quite a bit on the normal time it takes to get you into action on whatever you believe is worthwhile.
3. Start your day in gratitude. Before you ever get out of bed take a moment to just run through your mind the things that you’re grateful for.  Even if you find yourself in a
season of life where you may not think there’s a lot to be thankful for, think back to a time where you do. It’s a great way to give balance to our busy, sometimes stressful, challenging lives.
4. Take a walk or get a bit of exercise. Doing so is a real help in getting you prepared to take on the day ahead. Make sure you don’t overdo it here, and check with your doctor if need be.
5. Schedule some personal development time. Decide what you want to learn and schedule time each day to spend time in its study.
Bonus action step: Review your list at the end of everyday. Just sit with it for a moment — taking the time to fully appreciate the fact that you were able to accomplish some, or all of the things on your list. Whatever’s leftover that you deem still needs to be done simply write that down for tomorrow’s list. Take several deep breaths and just let it sink in that you were in fact productive today. Friend, give yourself your due credit for a job well done.
What are some important steps you would add to the ones above.

You’re Great-by-Design

You’re Great-by-Design


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