Power of Books- Bill Gate spends $32 Billion on Da Vinci Notebook


You see, no matter how intense the advocacy for open source information (as spare headed by Google Inc. and Wikipedia) is. I am of the strong opinion that the power of books cannot be under emphasised. There are countless principles, rules, laws, mysteries, codes, formulas, orders, revelations, discoveries, propositions, ideas, concepts, that rules the world everything therein. This ‘laws’ are just there, exclusive to no one but hard reader. No wonder they say readers are leaders.

I am not a fan of movies, but I have seen a few…I get fascinated especially by ancient Roman films and some novel-turn-movie Hollywood films, I also do some Chinese films…lols i can hear you asking ‘what will he then do if he was a fan of movies’? Anyway what catches my attention is some of those movies is the way they build a 3-5 hours movie around some book…haven’t you watched a Chinese movie where some individuals fight to the last drop of their blood to secure a catalog of symbols (or writings), they dime dare to them? Harry Potter is a popular one in the category am talking about.

No matter how powerful the internet is, there are some information that are reserved for searchers of wisdom and when they find it they stand out…I am tempted you to say your Budget on Information Acquisition is directly proportional to your Ultimate Actualisation. Painfully formal education does not offer an individual all this information we are talking about. In fact, I want posit that formal education was strategically designed to distract you from experimental discovery of yourself and your-world, designed to make you increasingly specialised and sterile to a world of Überschuss opportunity world over.

Books, reading librates the mind. You can not be wrong reading…Solomon said “Buy the truth, sell it not…” Why? Because the truth i.e. instruction/information comes with a price-tag and if you can pay the price, it’s worth the keep.  The truth (talking about life principle) in Nigeria remain the truth in Australia. It doesn’t change. It appreciates.

Watch out for the concluding part of this article…


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