During exams people look up for inspiration, down in desperation and around for information. The most beautiful feeling I experience during examination is when am about to look at some friends and discover they are already looking at me. This feeling in itself makes me read extra-hard. But like the Virgin-Parable of Jesus, there might just not be enough oil from my safe. So I encourage my best friends to read while I read (group-reading) or at best read my way:

1. Have a projection, a goal: not less that C…not more that A. 75+ is an A
2. Read in a group (if you find a serious one): -a group not less that two not more that five.
3. Have a reading place…find your cool spot. CoolSpot isn’t just for ‘pepee soup’! It a miracle if you find one.
4. Jot while you read. You double read doing it that way…brains stick on what your hand scripts!
5. Reduce your points and definitions to acronyms…they become you copyright property. It you intellectual property. For example ESSEB =RES+AU is my intellectual property! That an an acronym for the definition of economics according to Prof. Robinson…
6. Pray (for help only when you’ve coins your best): Pastor Adeboye said the Holy Spirit will only remind you what you have read!

7th may not relevant now; that you’ve started exams…but it works like ‘ebelebe ginger’ if you can practise it. Especially if u still have more that 4 more semester in school and you want to hit an ‘omo da da’ CGPA

7. Read before going to a Lecture: Walaitalai…If you try this Tip7 and you don’t experience an aggressive rate of comprehension and a ‘how-you-take-do-am’ increase in your CGPA. Pull&twist my ear any where u see me around the University Community!
Make sure you have an idea of every topic that will be treated in the next class…I promise you will ‘cut-scale’. Before I tell you how it works let me tell you READING BEFORE LECTURE IS THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF IN YOU YEARS AN UNDERGRD… It works like ‘oogun-ìsòyè’. I never discovered this secret until 1st Sem. 300L…and I’ve preached it to all that cares to listen…it gave me strong Second Class UPPER Degree from a feather LOWER.



Any move that contravenes the rules set out to guild the conduct of your examination is Mal-practise. Ignorance of which is not an excuse before examination malpractice committee. So, be warned. Comport yourself with all decorum. I can’t beg for anybody o.

God bless your jack’n, I wish you all the best in your examinations!

It yours codedly,


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