sUGar dADdy treNd oN tHE RisE…#cOPieD


Young girls lured by the temptation of opulent lifestyles sleeps with married men in exchange for money and gifts

Flashy cars, parties, and fat wallets is a hot pursuit these days for young girls wanting to sponge off married man.

These young girls who target the so-called ‘sugar daddies’ don’t shy away from being dependent on a man for their every need, and have earned themselves names like ‘ATM bombers’ and ‘pantypreneurs’, while they refer to their rich lovers as ‘goldmines’.

One of the hardest things a young girl has to go through in life is to find herself in the arms of a married man who not only wants to have a sexual relationship with but also to impregnate her; not to mention the risk of infecting her with HIV.

The decision to date a married man could be influenced by one’s background and environment.

In most cases it is due to peer pressure, emulating friends and the need to belong to ‘the top society’.

The Weekly went out on the streets and quizzed young girls about sharing sheets with married men.

Sixteen-year-old Palesa (not her real name) did not beat around the bush regarding her involvement with a 42-year-old man.

“It’s all about fitting in the group. My friends and I compete amongst each other, like what our sugar daddies do and if they are up to the desired standard.”

Palesa revealed that her sugar daddy provides her with airtime worth R1 000 every month.

“I have a bank account into which he deposits money every Friday; he is really taking care of me; I have no intention to leave him.”

In the face of all this simple yet glamorous life, Palesa is scared to bring up the issue of practising safe sex; lest the sugar daddy dumps her.

“Honestly, we don’t use condoms, I’m afraid to ask him to, because he might think that I’m sleeping with someone else.”

Consequently, the young girls who are into these older married men, who take care of their needs want nothing to do with boys in their age group who cannot pay the bills.  However, not all teenagers prefer older men.

A much wiser 17-year-old learner from Eunice High School, Patricia, could not conceal her disgust at her peers who sleep with married man, describing them as lacking conscience.

“Why would young women who are supposed to pray to God for a proper partner tie their destiny to married men?”

Although she admitted that the temptation does exist and can be overwhelming at times, she cautioned young girls from falling into the trap.

“I can’t do such a callous thing, because I will get married someday and I wouldn’t like my husband to cheat on me. I also wouldn’t take kindly to another woman hitting it off with my husband.” A local man who could not reveal his identity for fear of jeopardising his marriage confessed his obsession with young girls.

“I like them young. You know what they say, the younger the better.”

He went on to reveal that young girls just throw caution to the wind and are more adventurous in bed, unlike his boring frigid wife.

“I do understand my wife has many commitments. My side chick, on the other hand, does not ask me any questions; all she asks for is money for airtime and to be dropped off at school.” Boikanyo Mokoena, a teacher at one of Bloemfontein’s private schools, gave us his candid assessment of  the issue of inter-generational relationships.

“Men are promiscuous by nature.

They mess around with many women. In the process, some of them get infected with diseases, which they, in turn pass on to the many girls that they date.

“From a Christian perspective, you also see that the Bible instructs men to love and be faithful to their wives, while women should be submissive to their husbands. Most of these young girls would give you a legion of reasons they date married men, some are not even afraid to point out that these man are their tickets to happiness.

“To make matters worse, the girls’ mischiefs are condoned by their parents, who actually see the gifts they bring home such as with new phones and clothes, but never ask questions” concluded Mokoena.

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