Pray for me, Please


Hey, We all have those periods of feeling all low and lacking in energy, don’t we?

I had a similar episode over the weekend, but for me those episodes don’t last really long for I’ve learned to consciously shift my focus and move my mind on to things that recharge me.

It was not always like that, but I’m thankful that I am able do it now, and that too without much difficulty. There are a few techniques that I use to recharge myself in those situations. Do you want to learn what my techniques are? Yea, I also love to share them with you. However, for this particular moment I adopted step 7.

1. Walk Out: A good workout can make you feel all recharged and ready to take on the next challenges. The best part is that making you all lively is just a side benefit of working out. It helps you released and reflects on your emotions. It distracts you from the objects of your crux and positions you to do objective rumination of issues. Don’t stop walking until your head is clearing out.
The real benefit needs no explanation of course. Making a habit of working out daily can not only keep you healthy and fit, but can keep you happy too. Trust me.
2. Meditate: Ask people who have the habit of meditating for a few minutes daily? They’ll tell you there is no question about the benefits of meditation on the mental and physical well being.
When you feel all down, just doing 20 minutes of meditation can relax you and get you back to your good spirits. Moreover, by meditating you open up the possibilities to experience alternate states of reality where the answers to your problems questions on the purpose and direction of your life might lie.
Meditation accommodated greater forces than you, it diffuse clouds of questions hanging over you.
3. Do some chore; especially ones that demands lots of energy. Gardening, cars wash, mopping floors, polishing furniture, etc. I have come to realize that Be it pruning of flowers or loosening up the soil, the mere exertion of loving action makes one forget all the problems and somehow gets one back to his/her confident self. Just seeing the end result can just be as refreshing to your mind.
4. Make Music: Who doesn’t know that music has deep therapeutic effects. Listening to music is one thing. Creating music with an instrument of your liking is a whole different level of experiencing the calming and energizing effects of music. A yet higher level is writing (your experience) a song and giving it some sound. Everybody can do this no matter how bad you think your voice is, it can make a song.
Finally singing and backing it with instrument has the surest and sweetest effect.Why not learn a new instrument every now and then. Not only will you be recharging yourself, but you will also be helping keep your brain in top condition.
5. Watch some Movie, comedy, sport, etc.: Motivational movies, hilarious comedy, engaging sport clips, etc., it works.
It’s better to have a collection of your favorite motivational quotes and videos for times when you’ll feel discharged and void of any enthusiasm. My favorite is In Pursuit of Happyness.
6. Write: I did!
Writing is an abbreviation of our state of mind.
Not necessarily the pains but the purpose, the lessons; the story as it is at your best. Someday someone may pick it up and publish or learn from it. Writing is an abbreviation of our state of mind; you cannot write what you can’t think. You cannot understand what you can’t write. In essence writing is a level in the pursuit of comprehension of our individual state. And someone said ‘he who doesn’t write is not better that he who can’t write’. That’s why I have thisblog anyway.
7. Pray and Pray: someone said ‘If Christians spent as much time praying as they do grumbling, they would soon have nothing to grumble about’. Prayer is simply a wish turned upward to heaven. It is pleasant to ask for (this and that) our wishes, but more pleasant to seek the will of God in our lowest times, and his purpose for them.
D.L Moody said ‘Spread out your petition before God, and then say, “Thy will, not mine be done.” The sweetest lesson I have learned in God’s school is to let the Lord choose for me’
Well, am not sure God answers all prayer but he answers all people.
If you don’t know what to pray about, like Don Moen, Just Sing to heaven. I advise you to download an learn the lyrics of this song I WILL SING by Don Moen
When you are living and engaging with this world, it is really hard to always stay energetic and jubilant. People, circumstances and even the weather can alter your moods. These are not the only methods, and I’m sure each of you will have your own way of dealing with those moments.

I’m dealing with BAD moments, Please pray for me?

It’s #CoachFaith

What do you do to get back up when you feel low? I’d love to read it in the comments…

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