I went TREE CLIMBING yesterday! It was fun! Can’t remember when last I did that. Suffix to say, It was a cashew tree.

I think it’s a great adventure to visit our childish states once in a while…it sparks some excitement, only that one is more careful and tactful! Of cause my legs are longer now, I can alternate between branches at ease…that was something that cost me a crack in my teeth about twenty years ago.

But what wouldn’t change is that you will always have saboteurs… In every of life’s venture there will always be this individuals who are bent on grounding your efforts. Ask Goodluck Jonathan

You can imagine a grandpa like me on the tree dropping cashew fruits and some Insipid, Unscrupulous, Ignoramus kids were trying to Sabotage my effort…but instead of begging (like I used to) about 20 years ago, I simply ROARED at this stupid things trying to steal my cashew. They ran without even seeing the face of the Lion on the Tree of Cashew.

When I was done dropping about 20 fruits, I retired, sweating profusely. It was when I came down the tree that I remembered that it was actually children’s day…I was forced to share with the kids that where bold enough to stand at distance when I came down to gather my spoil. I was left with 6 fruits after distribution.

There is SHARING in LOVE!

Happy Children’s Day to all Nigerian Kids. Leaders of Tomorrow!

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