5 Most Effective Job Search Strategies

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This is a continuation of my last post ‘Nobody Owes You a Job’. Take responsibility for your job search. Don’t you ever give up! The last points before I signed off are:

  • Define your job objective.
  • Generate a list of potential employers in respect of your chosen job objective.
  • Gather information from friends, relations, consultants, vendors, newspapers, trade journals etc.
  • Once you’ve made your choice, go after them using conventional and unconventional means.

How do you intend to pursue these job opportunities? What is your job hunting strategy? Let me tell you what is working. Or let us start with what has the least chances of working.

The 5 most ineffective job search strategies are these

  • Internet-posting your C.V/Resume on the Internet, and expect potential employer to visit the site and make a choice, depending on the match between your skills and their requirements. It has 4-10% success rate
  • Mailing CVs to employers at random (CV blasting). 7% success rate.
  • Answering ads in professional/trade journals.7% success rate.
  • Responding to Newspaper ads. 5-24% success rate. The higher the salary/position, the lower the success rate
  • Using employment agencies, 5-28% success rate. Again, the higher the salary/position, the lower the success rate

Now, the best 5 ways to search for a job

  • Ask for job leads from family, friends, and people you know, etc. – “Do you know of any job at the place where you work, or elsewhere?” 33% success rate
  • Knocking on the door of any employer, factory, office, etc. whether they are known to have vacancy or not. 47% success rate
  • Identifying subject/field of interest, identifying employers on that field and calling on them to ask if you they are hiring for the position you desire and that you know you can do well. 69% success rate.
  • Doing the above in a group with other job hunters. 76% success rate
  • Doing a life-changing job search (identifying your skills, proffered places, interest and acceptable working environment and going after the job you desire) 86% success rate.

You got me there!  There is still a better method – combining the strategies!

A fact never to be forgotten: the major difference between successful and unsuccessful job seekers is not some factors out there, or the ‘barrier’ popping in your head. It is the way they go about their job hunt. A successful job search requires organization and effort. Don’t think of yourself as unemployed. You have a job, full time job. If you are employed think of your job search as a part-time job. If you are unemployed, the working hours of 8-5 are available for your job search.

Job search requires that you develop a new set of priorities and schedules. Be aware that there will be distractions. Just about anything will sound better than looking for work, don’t be fooled. Your number one priority is finding that job. Don’t let anything get in your way.

Really, you owe yourself a good job. As Cabot rightly said “To find one’s work is to find one’s place in the world”


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