I must commend your ‘initiative’ to proffer solution to job questions and inquiries…I am optimistic this will go a long way to help entry level Job seekers but their are some complicated and complex job issues that you may not be able to attend to as your platform gains more popularity. in the mean time Thumbs Up! – Barr. C. Adetoye (Lagos)

I vision for this initiative is to PROFFER ANSWERS to the BIGGEST JOB/CAREER QUESTION, so that Job-Seekers can make informed CHOICES and if you’re wondering who I am, read my story to self-discovery below.

A young man delivered a dazzling lectures at NYSC Orientation Camp Nkewere LGA of Imo State that changed and determined my passion in life.

He titled the talk “The Jobs Are No More, So Think Entrepreneurship!” I thought, what a great Topic… so I had a tough time battling with rushing thoughts during his ‘sweet’ presentation and at the end I was opportune to ask a question.

I asked, “Sir, can we all become entrepreneurs? And if not, what advice do you have for those of us who look forward to being gainfully employed?”

Unfortunately, he never answered the question. He instead passed a cruel remark on me

He relied “…only lazy people think that way”.

I also wish he never answered me that way because he was booed off the stage and literally ‘Control Z’ all the nice impression he had made. Leaving me with the challenge of answering my own questions which I suppose is same on the mind of most young Nigerian, owing from the way those corp members reacted.

After my NYSC in 2011, I embarked on a JOB SEARCH ADVENTURE – Took about 26 interviews in 3 years! Changed Job 4 times between 2011& 2013, Completed a Masters Degree in Personnel Psychology…all in the bid to answer my own Questions & Help you with the same!

I hope to engage more experience HR and Legal Professionals, Workplace Strategist, Conflict Management, Image Expert, Business Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Etc as this platforms gains more patronage.

I Presently work as a Administrative Officer (HR) @ Federal University Oye-Ekiti. Having sat on a couple of interview panels, I have compiled a ton of about 500 daunting questions that I have heard or asked at panels. I have sent this E-book to over 1000 young and upward-mobile Nigerian in recent weeks.

I am currently working on a book that will become the launch-pad for any ambitious job-seeker and careerist –JOB-HUNTING: OLD GAME, NEW RULES (Watch Out)

  2. FREE E-Book 500+ Interview Questions and Answers | CoachFaith's Blog

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