Coin your Pitch


Just the other day, I was invited to MC a students’ Award dinner and nite. And there was this Devil’s Basket Game (only heaven knows why they call that game devils basket…can anyone help?), I felt this cool dude choose the simplest question (or demand, as it were). He was asked to sell himself to a probably employer in three sentences…DOPE! But to my surprise the dude picked the mic and said something like “I am Drake*, an energetic, 6-Pack, 80-Pound young graduate. I enjoy PR and would love to work for you company”. Said all that shit with lots of face-forming, phonetics and male tenor…I almost passed out, but then got kind of confused when I had the students-crowd hailing. Wasn’t sure what that was meant for. Then my confusion metamorphosed into pity for the whole audience. ” I hoped that was a joke” was all I could say in my state.

As a job hunter and ambitious one for that matter, in 30 seconds you need to be able to describe who you are and which problems your expertise can solve. Practice until it comes naturally. Tweak as you go, judging by listener response.

This is more like a summary of your background and expertise. About 4 years ago mine used to be “I am Oluwatade Faith. I bagged a Bachelors’ in Economics. I am an innovative and strategic thinker, who possesses a contagious team spirit. I work well with theories and deliver results in record time.”

*not real name

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