DR. MIKE MURDOCK ended the #SLC2015  with…

Number 1 – Decide that the Holy Spirit is your personal financial adviser. Don’t make any deals without involving Him.

Number 2 – Write down ten questions about your life everyday. Questions summon answers.

Number 3 – Pursue truth relentlessly. Integrity is the recipe for trust and outlasts your mistakes.

Number 4 – Make a decision to pursue mentorship. Mentor others…Solve a problem for somebody and God owes you!

Number 5 – Make the decision to look for God in every enemy in any situation. An enemy gives you ideas and gives God the opportunity to publicly endorse you.

Number 6 – Make the decision to wrap expectation around every seed you plant. Sow a seed…A Smile is a seed, Love is a seed, etc…

Number 7 – Make a decision to listen for wealth whispers. God will always give you wealth whispers, obey them and you will see prosperity.

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