15 Star Questions to Maximise 2016″.


1. What is God saying to me now about this new year?
— It is futile  to begin anything without God, He is already in the future. You shouldn’t fear what tomorrow holds because you know the one who holds tomorrow.

2. What are the top three lessons I’ve learnt in year 2015?

3. How many people are grateful to God that they met me in year 2015?
— Something about your life must impress someone. Don’t dress for where you are, dress for where you’re going.

4. What are my top three goals for year 2016?
— There may be many, but just the top three. You can categorise your goals – spiritual, career,financial etc. Your goals determine your drive;vision determines your drive. Have a consuming passion,a solid drive. Your vision also determines your attitude. Don’t just flow,have an end in view. Your goals will also filter your company. Your goals will also determine your habits and investments.

5. What three habits do I want to develop in year 2016?
— You make your habits and your habits then make you or break you. Success is an aggregation of wonderful habit s formed over time.

6. What three relationships must I break or redefine in year 2016?
— Relationships are catalysts;they can either slow you down or accelerate your progress. Some people belong to your outer court,don’t bring them into your inner court. It could also be relationships intended for marriage.

7. Which three people will I meet or learn from closely in year 2016?
— There are people you may have admired from a distance. Make year 2016 the year to reach out to them to further your own reach.

8. Into which three people will I invest my time,money,attention and wisdom in year 2016?
— You’re created as a river of life,not a pond of death.

9. How many people do I want to have in my social space by December 31, 2016?
— Use social platforms to inspire and impact people.

10. How much money do I want to give out in year 2016?
— As long can see it in your heart,He will put it in your hand. This will stretch your earning potential and help you budget accurately.

11. How much money do I want to earn in year 2016 and how?
— It will help you think and plan.

12. How much money do I want to invest in myself in 2016
— You’re your greatest asset, invest in yourself. You should care about yourself. Pay yourself first,after paying God. A certain percentage of your income goes to charity, once it’s exhausted carry it over to the next month.

13. Where do I want to visit for the first time in 2016?

14. What have I been putting off for years that I must accomplish in 2016?

15. Where do I see myself by December 31, 2016?

It my prayer that the Alpha who is also the Omega will see you through this year and grant You a happy ending (Jer 29:11) in Jesus Name.

It’s #CoachFaith.


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