What Color is your Parachute – Book Review


One of the important skills one should have in our modern society is the ability to look and be successful in getting a job. Unfortunately, many of us are not well-equipped nor skilled enough to navigate our way around the job market. Moreover some of us are intentionally or unintentionally misinformed by others on how we should go about the transition in between jobs. We are getting multitude of answers and finally get a job only to find out that we are not satisfied; then the cycle starts again.

But good news! There is a book that can help us not just only to get a job but find ourselves as well. What Color Is Your Parachute? 2015 by Richard N. Bolles gives us an insightful view of what is happening in the current job market. This book is updated yearly so you can be sure that the information is always fresh and most of the time relevant. If you are not looking for a job, you can still benefit by gaining the knowledge of what you really want to do. As a result of this you may begin to question your existence in your current role and find yourself a more fulfilling place work for.

Here are just several of the reasons why you should consider reading this book:
1. If you want to get an understanding of why there are still so many unemployed people while employers are still finding it hard to fill in their vacancies, this book will enlighten us.

2. You will get a better understanding of your situation. You will realize that not every employer will like you, but there are several or many employers who are looking for someone who is exactly like you. Your task is to look for them.
3. It will teach you that just using your resume and sending it to different employers is not the most effective way to get an invitation for an interview.
4. This book will guide you to understand who you really are.
5. Written in a very engaging style, this book will make you feel like you are with a sage who will guide you all the way to your successful job hunting.

This book is primarily recommended for the following:
1. Job hunters
2. Those who have friends or family members who are looking for jobs
3. Career coach or counselors
4. Anyone who wants to understand themselves better

Just another tip: This book demands a lot from its reader. For you to get the full benefit from this book, you’ve got to do the exercises, particularly the Flower Exercise. These exercises will really help you a lot.

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