JOBBERMAN + HR People gathered against Us!







Two days ago I received a mail from Jobberman (Nigeria’s leading online recruitment board). It read as follows:

Dear Faith,
The maiden edition of the Jobberman HR Breakfast was a remarkable success. 

The event which attracted top HR practitioners from all over Nigeria was a great eye-opener as key issues relating to downsizing and employee benefits were extensively discussed by stakeholders in the industry. 

Click here to download the communique and learn more about the event, and how the recommendations can help your organization. .

To your success,

I took the pain to download the communique and was greeted by three grave realisations…’grave’ because I was surprised (maybe scared) that the best Jobberman and these top-notch HR can do was gather themselves to conspire against US. These are their conclusion after exhaustive presentation and deliberations:

1. Downsizing is the ‘better’ way for companies to survive the present harsh economic realities.

2. That companies may wish to consider ‘downsizing-benefit’ to avoid negative PR.

3. And Jobberman offered that when (not if) the companies decide on either 1 or 2 above, they could offer an executive landing board for us at Jobberman Outplacement for ‘rehabilitation

Imagine! This was what they gathered to discuss for hours.

What Way Forward?
If you take a normal healthy frog and throw him into a pot of boiling water, he quickly jumps out. However, if you place the frog in a pot of water at room temperature, and very slowly heat the water one degree at a time he passively floats in the water and literarily allows itself to be boiled alive. Unfortunately too many people today respond to changing times much like the boiling frog. They act as if change doesn’t exist in the hope that maybe it will all go away.

We know things are changing – maybe faster than we would like. Climate change, dropping oil prices, resource depletion, population growth, technology changes, economic booms and busts, increasing unemployment etc. Many of these challenges seem beyond our control. However, the way we think about them, and how we react as individuals, groups, organizations and networks, is under our control.

Two homeless men sat on a park bench discussing their unfortunate fate. “I’m here because I wouldn’t listen to anyone,” said the first.
“That funny” said the second. “I’m here because I listened to everybody.”

In a rapidly changing world, no one has all the right answers, because no one knows what the problem and opportunities will be. All we really know about the future is that things are not the same. Whatever the future holds, this much is certain, with massive change comes more opportunity.

Our job in these changing times is to stay aware of what’s happening and be prepared to act fast. How you do your job is crucial to staying employed. Remember, there are no guarantees in today’s job market. But the market will surely smile on those employees who demonstrate an understanding of the rules (Watch out for my book Job Hunting: Old Game, New Rules).


In other words, your employability is up to you. You and you alone are in charge of your career – and the rest of your life. Best of luck! Good comes to those that don’t give up!

Twittable Quotes

While you may not have job security, you can create employment security. Employment security is achieved by sharpening your ability to learn and keeping up with latest and best ideas in your field. Learning how to learn is the ultimate employment security.

Excepts from Job Hunting: Old Game, New Rules



  1. #1 by omitusaf on March 3, 2016 - 6:50 PM

    Nice writeup. Nice site. 😉


  2. #3 by omitusaf on March 4, 2016 - 12:09 PM

    Yes. School is great. We’re doing our first semester exams. Will update my blog after the exams.
    I really love what you’re doing here…


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