Dada Taiwo Tolulope, my #MonthlyPersonalitySeries #February


Taiwo and Taiwo

Just last week Friday I thought of starting a monthly article-series of some important personalities in my life, these are people who at some point or the other have been of tremendous influence or help to me.

Taiwo, stands out as one. I met Taiwo around October 2004 while we were running around for fresher registration as new students of UNN.

I was in the company of my loving mom who was helping me around with the registration *face-covered*, she really believed I can’t do any of those things alone ‘cos I was fresh from Secondary School. Taiwo jokingly challenged my mum and asked why she wouldn’t let me do these things myself and kindly offered to take me around while my Mum hangs around somewhere… my Mum gladly handed me over to Taiwo and that was the beginning of our friendship! Taiwo coincidentally was also putting in to study Economics (same course as I). And he became my governor for four years by mutual consensus of other course mates! He was a great leader and for four years his leadership was unquestioned


Taiwo’s folks, Sis Yetunde and Kenny

When it was time to choose hostel accommodation. I never thought it twice to share bunk with him. He stayed up and I down.

Taiwo was as reserved as I was, we had some mutual hobbies such as singing, reading and thinking, lol… boring hobbies right? But we had fun, we could both cook well. So we conveniently alternate cooking at some time. We read together a few times. We shared some ‘heart-break’ painful moments…and some girls palava gist!

If you meet me for the first time you might be impressed by my dictions, but truly I learnt to speak good, tongue twisting, phonetics from this dude. Taiwo speaks Queens English…copying him was a major copy and paste project in my life! He rarely speaks pidgin-english! He told me “it doesn’t take one anywhere, because it lacks tenses”. So true!

We never had any heated exchange of words for four years, we had reasons to disagree but we never made a scene of our differences!

To crown it all …we went for NYSC  in the same state…like “What God had put together NYSC could not put asunder” We were also bunk-mates at NYSC camp, Nkwerre Imo State.

I broke my stiff schedules to make his wedding! Taiwo married a Queen, I wasn’t surprised at all. I always knew he had an eye for the best female sample! All the girls we dey “fiwapa” then don loose! Some of them are still hanging in the air and posting Advertorial selfies! It’s cool to laugh last mhen!

Taiwo, what better day would I have done this post if not today – your birthday. I only witnessed your birthday once in the University, that must be 2008 in our finals! #LeapBirthday boy, #rearSpecie, Happy Birthday Buddy!


Happy Birthday man…till year 2020. If Jesus tarries. May this leap year cycle roll you into the luxurious cycle of prosperity all round in Jesus Name!

You Buddy

  1. #1 by yowinvision on March 1, 2016 - 4:46 PM

    Men…. This is thrilling… In our memory built in tiny nomenclature… These memories remain ever green.


    • #2 by OLUWATADE Timilehin CoachFaith on March 2, 2016 - 9:55 AM

      Memories only fade they don’t die…am sure this piece did not do justice to all that TAIWO was or is but it’s my widow’s wit of a friend’s benevolence.


  2. #3 by Taiwo Dada on March 2, 2016 - 5:02 PM

    This is a abridged but detailed description of how we shared moments together. .This is simply cute.


    • #4 by OLUWATADE Timilehin CoachFaith on March 3, 2016 - 7:59 AM

      Thanks for the approval! Do you know this post is about the most visited post on this blog at least in the last 3 month…over 500 visitors! Infact a student in FUOYE where I work even identified Kenny as his Copper-Teacher, you guys are great fellas. How mummcy and your Queen?

      Stay blessed Bro!


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