Accommodating Pregnant ‘People’ at Work.


Have you ever been in the same office, adjacent cubicle or on the same table at a restaurant with this annoying colleague who snores at the slightest nap, wears an irritating perfume, chews loudly, makes endless phone calls or who just can’t stop clicking her pen as if on purpose.

Even though these are minor things, if you told someone about them, they’d say you’re severely exaggerating. Things can sometimes get out of proportion and you may find yourself seriously working on how to deal with them.

I am currently dealing with one too. Pregnant ‘people’ at Work. ‘People’ not ‘women’ because this day you need to have the eye of an Eagle to differentiate some men’s protruding stomach from a woman’s pregnant stomach. So treat everybody nicely at first contact and take your time to observe! #Lol

However, I am blessed to have two ‘loaded‘ women in my office, one behind and another in front of me. Let me say I had to reposition my desk to back one as my salivary gland became unnecessarily hyper-active, say in solidarity with her pregnancy-spitting-ritual…unknown to me that the one I was facing had taken in too. Eureka!

So I Google ‘coping around pregnant women’, ‘helping pregnant women at work’ and I can across these lovely or strange stuffs online! Do you know there are NGO that all they do is fight for pregnant women’s right at work there are legal suits on victimising pregnant women at work and over 118,000,000 webpages result on search! I gatta write about it too! Someone might find my opinion relevant someday. From the office mates perspective:

1. Pregnancy is a blessing, people celebrate blessings. Join these ‘people’ in their joy! This attitude alone can sufficiently subsume the feeling of burden, irritation or otherwise pregnant people may pose at Work.

2. Nobody want to be a burden to the World: Not even the physically challenged. And who knows, you might also be a form of irritation to another person in some ways you don’t know and they find a way to accommodate you without embarrassing you. I almost threw up sometime ago when I mistakingly peeped at the hand-pit of a colleague!

3. Rearrange your Workspace: This was my first move. I changed my table position! You might also need to reposition other office fixtures to accommodate these people for safer workplace and easy movement. They can want to Urinate alot!

4. Be informed about their symptom and signs. Taking personal interest in this helps you make up your mind and insures you against  the rude shock you might get from their hormonal changes.
These includes but not limited ;
a. Larger, tender and swollen breast
b. Nausea with or without vomiting
c. Increased Urination
d. Food aversions or cravings.
e. Early Fatigue
Pregnancy is not a sickness it is compliance with God’s Commandment and it is becoming a miracle. God have mercy!

5. Determine to assist/meet physical demands of pregnant people with office chores such as lifting, temporary reassignment of duties or assigning less physically demanding jobs and alternate workstations.

6. Schedule Shift: if you have a pregnant person on your  project, I advice you just split their duties on everyone else or better still re assign it to a competent hand. Also adopt flexible arrival time, periodic rest, food, water, restroom break for them.

7. Policy Moderation such as exception of dress code, as well as relaxed “no food or drink” and “no-sitting” policies.

8. Look forward to the baby: A Yoruba wisdom says nobody gets sad at seeing/carrying a new born child! Everyone love babies. The tenderness, the unconsciousness, the defencelessness, the OMG…am short of words mhen. Everyone loves babies, we just get overwhelmed by the activities around the pregnancy cycle but our abilities to ‘look-forward’ to this little-joys diffuses the the tension! For example am looking forward to being God-Fathers to two unborn kids!

#IstandwithPregnantWomen infact I roll with pregnant people. In the last three years I have been table/office mate with 7 pregnant people and one have refused to give birth!

From the contents available online, I realise so many women face victimisation at work for being pregnant. For being pregnant? No pregnant woman should have to choose between her health and her family’s economic security – but that the choice some are forces to make. Pregnant women deserve fair treatment on the Job.

NB: Pregnant People should also be considerate and not constitute perpetual nuisance to colleagues who are going out of their way to accommodate them. Just try and we would acknowledge your sincere efforts! 


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