Professors of ‘BULLSHIT’!

You might have come across one or two of them before! They are Professor of Economics with wretched pocket economy, Professors of Entrepreneurship without a company, professors of Law without a chamber, disorganised professor of Administration.


I met one this morning… (Continue after Adeola’s story)

If, just in case you have not read Adeola’s story, here:

“Hello Adeola, pls don’t forget to buy ‘Iru’ from the market when coming back home. I will refund the money back to you”. That’s my mum. She would always remind me each time I told her I was through with my semester exams. She prefer cooking with iru from that area compared to the one we buy here in Lagos. I really don’t have an issue with buying the iru, but the smell…… O my o my…. The smell can de-rep fine gal ooo. Lol. You can’t imagine wrapping iru inside a bag and some fellow students who boarded the same vehicle with you are complaining of an offensive odour.” Something is smelling inside this bus oo, what could it be? Pls open the window so that fresh air can come in” bla bla bla. I’m sure you know how uncomfortable I’ld be knowing that the smell was coming from one of my bags. All I look forward to is getting home so that I can give my mum her IRU. Well, i eat it too, so its not just my mum’s iru. Lol.The good news here is that I won’t need to go through all that stress again simply because a new product is now in town. A naturally preserved and well packaged locust beans powder. It’s with all the wholesomeness of a fresh ingredient. It gives you all the aroma and taste without any of the labours. No offensive smell!No sand! Quikiss Iru is as good and natural as the farm’s. Packaged under strict supervision by workers who know their Onion’s. It’s in a resealable 100 and 200g pack. It’s not just powder, if you prefer chewing your iru when eating that delicious efo riro, then you can be so sure we had you in mind during production. So you have it just the way you want it! Quikiss Iru………….. The true taste of Nature! #salivatingalready

Advertorial by Gbadamosi Adeola


In the bid to promote this innovation. I bought a couple of the product to share to some ‘well-meaning-people’ at work. Then the first came this Professor of Warefa!
Me: Daddy, Good morning… you would like to see this, we are packaging Iru for safer and delicious consumption. (I brought it out)
Prof: You are selling Iru, what should women do!
Me: it just an innovation, any body is free to… (In my head: an innovation that your generation could not think)
Prof: Anyway…
Me: Please help me get it to mum, she will appreciate it better.
Prof: Thank you.

He collected it and threw it into his car and drove off.

Footnotes 1: We in the last 6months we have Spent over a million Naira to establish the factory, fabricate the machines for Thermo-drying (‘natural-sunlike-drying-system’) and buy raw materials + Personnel and Logistics.

Footnote 2: I wonder if I gave him the Iru my grandma sends me, if he could throw in to his passenger side and not have irritation.

Lessons: Don’t expect encouragement s from dry minds. I will not stop my promotion! I will gather the stories for future testimony! This is the second in the roll!

I can only imagine if it was his student that ran to him with such innovative product. Same People say youths should go into entrepreneurship…’lies and lip-services’. They will keep doctoring their birth certificate and wouldn’t vacate office for their grandchildren.

Quikiss Global Investment Ltd is a moving train. #EntrepreneurshipTrump

Have you checked my blog in the last one week?


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