Pst. Oluwatade Ayorinde, my #MonthlyPersonalitySeries #March


My #PersonalitySeries for #March is dedicated to my loving Dad on his Birthday!

Let’s start with this? It my Dad’s Birthday and mine is just around the corner. You might just get to know my DAD’s age by knowing mine or vice-versa! Solve the word problem below:

The age of a Pastor added to twice the age of Coach give 117, in 2011 the sum of the ages of Pastor and Coach is 78. Find the ages of Pastor and Coach as at 2016. Prize awaits the first 3 correct answers! 

Let me use this medium to tell you about my lovely Dad!  He is a rose that rose from the rough edges of the hills of Okemesi. A prayer father and a husband of two great boys and a lovely damsel (my mum)!

Time and chance will fail me in listing specific lessons I have learnt from him, but two strange lessons come to mind more than often!

The Power of Thanks you: Sometimes ago I and my Dad rode on bike around our area in Lagos and I observed he said ‘Thank you’ at every time we highlighted from ‘Okada’. It felt strange, but I observed the gesture was consistent over and over and at a point I asked him with my ‘economics-mind’, “Why do you have to tell them thank you, didn’t he get paid for the service he rendered?” But I have since realized ‘those who found something to appreciate every day were less materialistic—less apt to see a connection between life satisfaction and material things. They were more willing to part with their possessions. The grateful people were less depressive, envious and anxious, and much more likely to help others’

The Power of Network: Before I got struck with addictions to Personal Development Books and TED Talks, my dad thought me about the POWER of Networking and building bridges with local stories that have stuck with me since. Today, I feel one of my strongest skills is networking, despite my seemingly introverted temperament; I connect vertically and horizontally.

Thank you dad been a reliable praying father! I boast often about your library and prayers than any other thing!

If I had to choose again I will choose you! Mum , Hope and I love you dearly!


  1. #1 by praiseajewole on March 30, 2016 - 2:05 PM

    Happy Birthday sir! Pastor is 59. Coach is 29. Send my cake!


  2. #2 by OLUWATADE Timilehin CoachFaith on March 31, 2016 - 1:32 PM



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