Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Dear CoachFaith: Am tired of job-hunting, just can’t land any good one! And I believe I can make a better use of my life that this ‘private-slavery-farm’  I work! Am thinking of starting a SMshutterstock_244917343-400x275E. I’ve been reading alot lately and meeting other startup entrepreneurs. Just came across your blog and want to to ask if you have any advice for me. Jide, Ibadan

Dear Jide: What exactly do you want to do! What business do you want to launch, a brief insight will help us both!

Dear CoachFaith: Am considering blogging…and email/social media marketing.

All right, Jide entrepreneurship can provide you with a sense of independence and responsibilities that you might not enjoy by being a career employee. But for new entrepreneurs on priceless startup tip is, a new entrepreneur should bear in mind is that you should be doing what he loves. (Talking about PASSION). It is what will keep you going when all your four goes flat! It is not merely trying to get into a type of business that offers great opportunities for profit. A long running business depends on the owner’s own passion of running it and making it grow. So I’ll ask, Are you passionate about BLOGGING…or you are hypnotized by LindaIkeji, Omojuwa and co succcess?

Very close to passion is (PLAN): Am glad you are starting on the right path by reading and meeting like minds but you sure know there is more to it! Starting a business takes some planning and preparation. This involves having a business plan that is clear and good enough to follow as the business develops. Have a one year work+investment plan. Every step should be checked out and should work towards trying to build the business step by step. Like it is said do your HOMEWORK

For blogging particularly (find a NICHE): That also applies to other ventures. Finding your niche entails looking for a special area in the market that other businesses may have overlooked or have not seen before. For starting entrepreneurs, getting in a business with few competitors can increase the chances of the business success. I this regards, I can authoritatively tell you, it took me three years of blogging to find my NICHE! In the past I wrote anything from celeb gist to christian faith! And know I wish I had started on this path of career/job advises! Now I say: is to Job/Career as is to News/Entertainments! What do you want to blog about! How will you be differentiated from the crowd!

Lastly (build RELATIONSHIPS), one of the essentials to business success is the relationships you build up along the way. Try to build relationships with your clients and customers as well as with your other business contacts in order to thrive and grow. Such relationships would provide your business with a lot of opportunities to grow and become successful. Do more than they pay for! Give an extra! I am currently trying to launch a free Career Kit website, where visitors (especially entry level jobbers) can assess free ebooks and advices. This platform will definately redirect them to my products and increase my Rate of Influence (RofI) – Your RofI is the degree of venerability of your target market to your content! This leave them with the impression that you care for more than their money!

Jide, if you will forget all the tips above remember this, RELATIONSHIP TRUMPS anytime.


You’re Great-By-Design



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