The Worse the Job, the Harder it is to Leave

wp-1461101722224.jpgDear CoachFaith: My son, Dan, recently began working with a IT firm at Ikeja. He did not ask appropriate questions because he resumed duty at the company. The employer was not forthcoming with this important company rules and information either. Once he started and was given the employee manual, he discovered the company had some funny conditions of service for example, they only pay for only one week of vacation after completing one full year of work! Further, his hours are now 6:45 a.m. to 5 p.m., with only one hour for lunch, and he receives no differential pay or over time. Is there anything he can do? – Joyce, Lekki

Dear Joyce: First, the problem isn’t your son’s failure to ask the right questions. If he had known the work conditions, what would he have done differently? Did he have other job possibilities lined up? Probably not, or he would have backed out of the offer the day he received the manual.

So, the problem wasn’t him; it’s this: Many people reading your question were thinking, “At least he has a job.” And that is the essence of this New Economy, with its crux of exploitation.

But here’s the lousy thing about that: The worse the job, the harder it is to leave. That’s true because your son has no time off to make calls or go on interviews; plus, the job is, no doubt, physically and psychologically draining.

The Solution: His way out is to become skilled at networking on the job. When, say, he’s out working on an installation and training, he’ll meet people who might know of jobs. And he may have to carry a personal cellphone to make inquiries and do screening interviews at lunch or between work hours. The way he’ll find energy for job-searching is to remember that there are still great employers, ones who believes taking care of employees is the best way to take care of customers.

My regards to Dan and counsel him to look beyond the present condition and give his best to the firm and he has started building a career (no great building sits on wobbling foundation) if he likes it or not, you said the firm is a popular one as such it could be an advantage to have their brand on his belt looking forward.





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