Motivation Letter Vs. Cover Letter

Article_WritingDear CoachFaith: What is the difference between motivation letter and cover letter  and can I use my already prepared cover letter for an application that requires motivation letter. Evelyn, Portharcourt

Dear Evelyn: In most cases they both fall under the name of cover letter despite the extremely subtle variation. A cover letter technically refers to the accompanying letter you use when applying for a job, while a motivation letter is usually for applying to university or a non-paid position. Generally speaking, the content of both letters is quite similar and the purposes are the same which is why using the title of cover letter to represent all types of letter that persuades the recipient that they are the right choice. I also observed that the term Motivation Letter is more of an American variation to it. The more important thing here is, make sure you fine-tune your letter to every specific application, don’t throw around what some call generic cover letters and CVs, it sells you off as lazy and lacking initiative. See a template of a motivation letter after the cut. 

This is a very universal motivation letter template for a job application. You should only change / add the data in the brackets and you motivation letter for a job application is ready. However since motivational letter should reflect your personality and capability to perform duties required, we advise you to see some of the samples provided before and to add them in the letter.Good luck!

Motivation letter for a job Template

[Employers name]
[Employers address]
[Employers telephone number]
[Employers email]

Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]
Ref: [Job title of the vacancy you are applying for or its reference if stated]

Dear Mr / Ms [Last name of the contact person stated in the ad, if any]
I am writing this letter to apply for the [Post name] at [Name of the Organization]. I saw an open call for the applications on [Name the website, or Newspapers]

I am very familiar with the work of [Name of the Organization], since I was [using its products, or had cooperated, or followed its work] since [timeframe]. Moreover, I was very pleased to find out about this employment possibility, since I perceive your Organization as one of the leading companies/organizations in [state the field]

I believe that my strong educational background and extensive experience in the [field], make an appropriate candidate for the advertised position. As you can see in the enclosed resume, I have been working as a [Postion] with the [Company] for [X] years. Since, my responsibilities and duties were quite similar to those required in the ad of your organization, I strongly believe I can perform well all the delegated duties and tasks. As I greatest success on this position I would like to point out that I have [explain briefly].

On the previous posts I have been always receiving excellent feedback from my employers, which proves my strong commitment to perform my responsibilities in professional and effective manner. I like to work in a team, but I am also comfortable working on my own. Furthermore I am [list the skills required by the Call, for example: good communicator, accurate, goal oriented, etc.]  Thanks to my wide experience in [state the field, or particular position].

I perceive this employment opportunity as a significant advancement in my career, since [Company/organization] is the leading company in the field. I believe that work in [Company/organization] can be a good environment to show off my full potential and utilize my skills and knowledge. In that line I am looking forward to your call for an interview.

As requested I am enclosing my resume, where you can find details information on my experience and skills. References are available on request, or you can contact the reference persons listed below on your own. If you need additional information or documents, feel free to call me on [Phone Nr.] or send me an e-mail on: [e-mail address].

Yours faithfully,

Your signature
[Your name:]
[Telephone number:]

Download the Microsoft Word Document of the above motivational letter HERE

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