Ignore Employment Stats During a Job Search


Dear CoachFaith: Today, I read two “employment trends” reports from two different online sites. One claims jobs will rise in the months ahead as such, job-hunters should be proactive; the other says we are in the 11th straight month of decline, and the lowest in the last decade. What should I believe? Are we rebounding or not? As a job seeker who has been out of work for eight months, I want to believe things are getting better, but the lack of job postings in my field tell me otherwise.

How can anyone make sense of all the conflicting statistics? — Seyi

Dear Seyi: My advice? Ignore them! These trends don’t mean a thing to a single individual job seeker. The best thing to do is make an honest assessment of the market potential for your business or expertise. Take your skills and abilities, then package and present them in a way that attracts employers. That really is the secret of it all: You can read the data and evaluate your options all day long, but nothing is going to change your situation until you take action.

Seek out employers who are NOT hiring and see if they have a project you could help them with, or if they have a temporary or part-time assignment. You won’t show up on the books as officially “employed,” but you’ll have work and income, and will become the logical first hire when they finally are ready to expand employment.

In essence, employments statistics are meant for the books and newspaper…in fact it is a product of someone else job, that is what he is payed to do! Well, when I was job hunting, I also came across this stats and reports for example, one reads, “45% of graduates who graduated in the last 10 years had never been on any payroll – never been employed!” And obviously, that report captured my year of graduation, but I asked myself, ‘was i contacted or before this report’? NO! So it doesn’t cover me, am exempted, that an attitude!

So, ignore this stats, organize your sell-able values and make yourself available for opportunities by stepping out into every day with dogged optimism. And your hit is just around the corner.

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