World’s Best CEO Caught Employee Napping, Takes Selfie!!!



This Virgin Airlines employee was caught NAPPING on the office couch when his billionaire boss, Sir Richard Branson stopped by for a visit. But the boss said it was ok because he was only on standby and was getting some much-needed rest!

This is so wonderful that a boss Sir Richard Branson cared enough to understand his employee deserved a much needed rest. There are not many bosses that would understand this. I think this boss deserves a standing ovation. God bless you Sir Branson. It’s cool that Sir Branson has a great attitude about it all, but I would be so disappointed that I was asleep, when one of the BEST CEO’s in history took a selfie with me, and I wasn’t conscious enough to be in that moment!

However, it’s funny how majority of the comments about this on social media are about people wishing they would have a boss like Sir Richard Branson but not aspiring to be a better boss like/than him! 

How can you be like him? Simple, just realize we are all humans!

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