Over 33 and don’t have a Career Goal…


Dear CoachFaith, What do you advise for someone who doesn’t like working? I’ve never liked any of the jobs I’ve ever had. I have a good history of longevity with jobs, but I’m always unhappy. I’m over 30, and I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up.” — Mary

Dear Mary, I can relate — It takes you to stop worrying about what others thought and start caring about what impressed you. You can do by taking some time to consider your hobbies and interests. The things you like to do, play, watch and read offer excellent insight into your motivators. Working from that list, you can figure out how you could create a career path that would let you spend time doing what you find energizing.

Let me add another source of insight: people whose work you admire. For instance, you may envy the career of an architect you know, or that of a college professor. Even though you aren’t qualified for either job, you can add the jobs to your list, and then search for common themes. These will help turn your hobbies-and-interests list into work-related goals.

Best Regards…and let me know about your progress.

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