Basics of Online Job Application – Part 1

shutterstock_240832993-400x275Dear CoachFaith: How does online job search work generally, I don’t think it works for me. Please I need your advice on this – Ronald, Jos.

Dear Ronald: Online job hunting online is more convenient and cost effective compared to doing the legwork needed for typical job hunting. However, the success rate of your online job hunting activities mostly depends on sending online applications the right way. Here are some essential tips that every job hunter should bear in mind.

Read job postings carefully.
Most job seekers don’t. There are several websites available that job hunters can visit online to find available jobs in their area. But more than that, job applicants should learn to read such job posting carefully before sending in any online job resumes.

Reading the job postings carefully before sending in your resume will help you save time and effort by finding out if you are really qualified for it or if it is a job position that you really want and dream about or what you can recommend for a friend. This way, you can spend your precious time applying only for jobs that are more meaningful and that you really have the best chance of getting hired for.

Attach an updated resume when submitting applications.
In order to increase your chances of getting hired, make sure that you send in your updated resume complete with the necessary information that a hiring company needs to know about you. You might need to update your job history, a mailing address or even a contact number. Failing to update such important information can sometimes lead to wasted opportunities that are not necessarily connected to your qualifications for the job. You can be the most qualified applicant that a company is looking for. But such a simple oversight as a contact number that you no longer use can send your application nowhere.

If a resume is required as part of the application process, there will be instructions prompting you to Copy and Paste resume text in the online employment application. Most recruitments require you to provide contact information (My Account Information), work schedule preferences, online questionnaire responses, education, current and prior employment history details, languages (if applicable), references, veteran points, conviction disclosure and accomodation request (if applicable), how did you find out about us and diversity (voluntary disclosure). Failure to complete all sections of the online application may prevent your information from being forwarded to the hiring department. It is your responsibility to ensure you read the detailed application instructions, and ensure the completeness of your online application.

Follow application submission instructions carefully.
There are instances where job posters also provide special instructions to job applicants with regards to sending in their job applications. It is important in this case to carefully follow them. Some of the instructions can be quite explicit and needs to be followed exactly. Failure to follow them can be enough for the recruiters to reject your application.

Best of Luck bro.

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