5 Tips for a More Fruitful Job Hunt – Marion S Wendell

wp-1461101571555.jpgIt’s ironic that hunting for a job tends to be more difficult and stressful than the job itself. Whether you’re looking for a different employer because you’re not growing as a person and as an employee in your current one or you’re just out for a new experience, you’re going to be jumping through a lot of hoops to get a new job.

Job hunting is not too different from selling. With job hunting, you simply sell your skills to a company willing to pay you so they can make money out of you. It’s a bit of a dark outlook, but it’s reality.


Online Job Search
There are a lot of online job search engines where you can find job openings in various fields. Simply filter out the search to your preferred niche and start from there. These search portals can sometimes open doors for you overseas if you’re willing to travel. If you prefer to work locally, you should have the option to filter the results by country as well.

Job Fairs
Job fairs are often held at schools and are aimed at students who are about to graduate. This is often because they want to hire fresh graduates for entry-level salaries. Still, if you can find a job fair where you can potentially find employment, go to them. It would be the best time to ask various companies any questions you may have.

Calling Companies
It’s sometimes better to not wait for a job opening. If you have a few companies that you want to work for, connect with them. You can go to their website, head over to their “Careers” page if they have one, and try your shot at it. You may also simply just call them up and ask if they have any vacant positions that you can possibly fill. If they do not have any openings at the moment, it’s okay. Ask if you can leave your resume for future reference.

Improve Your Online Profile
If you have an online profile, customize it to better show your skills and talents that will be valuable for companies you’re eyeing. For these companies, add them to your online network to stay updated in case an opportunity arises.

Improve Your Resume
Most times, you just send your resume over and wait for a reply. To increase your chances of getting selected for the initial interview, improve your resume.

These are just a few of the countless tips to make job hunting a lot easier. Remember that you will face a lot of rejections, but be persistent and you’ll soon be back in the workforce.

Article Source: Ezinearticles.com

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