25 Qualities and Characteristics of a Great Leader


It takes a lot to be a great leader. Here are the 25 top characteristics that entrepreneurs need to lead a thriving business:

1. They have a vision.
2. They are passionate.
3. They are outstanding communicators.
4. They have character.
5. They take responsibility.
6. They praise often.
7. They decide and act quickly.
8. They are humble.

9. They are curious.
10. They get help when needed.
11. They surround themselves with colleagues with the strengths that the leader lacks.
12. They are confident.
13. They have a sense of humor.
14. They are clever.
15. They are team builders.
16. They are passionate.

17. They defend the company’s values during hard times.
18. They are courageous.
19. They are risk takers.
20. They lead by example through their commitment.
21. They give constructive feedback.
22. They are flexible.
23. They are patient.
24. They are focused.
25. They are creative.

From Fiverr


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