Avoid these Myths

womanphone0510_228x318Avoid the myths because false assumptions concerning graduate employment can prevent you finding a job you could enjoy:

Myth 1: To be a graduate is to be a member of a small educated elite. This may have been true fifty years ago, when fewer than 5% of school-leavers went to university. However, the figure now stands at 40% of school-leavers; a marked difference.

Myth 2: Most graduate find employment with large employers, with-established graduate recruitment programmes. These are the sort of employers who still dominate the graduate careers directories, which are distributed for free from university careers centres. They include the Civil Service, the NHS, and the Armed forces, together with the major institutions of the financial, manufacturing and retailing sectors. In fact, these large employers of graduates now employ a small minority, less than 20% of the graduates universities produce each year.

Myth 3: A graduate job is any job that is done by a graduate. There is a mistaken belief that graduates can bring graduate qualities to any job and transform them into graduate jobs. This, simply, does not hold to security; picking fruit, flipping hamburgers, or working in a call centre does not offer enough scope for the expression of graduate qualities.

Myth 4: Most employers place greatest value on the most up-to-date knowledge of an academic subject. We shall have seen that most graduate job vacancies are open to graduates of any subject area.

Myth 5: Most employers value critical thinking above all other graduate attributes.

Myth 6: When you find a graduate job, you will be managing a transition from the learning stage of your life to the working stage of your life. The basic relationship between university and graduate work is the acquisition of knowledge at university, and its application in graduate employment. Whether you like it or not, you will continue to learn throughout your working life. In fact, the pace of your learning may accelerate.

Myth 7: If you have not studies for a ‘vocational degree’, you are more likely to remain an unemployed graduate indefinitely. Again, this is contradicted by the fact that most graduate job vacancies are open to graduates of all subjects.

Myth 8: For most graduates, finding a graduate job in the current market is hopeless. Even if you graduate in an economic recession, most graduates eventually find jobs; 7 years after graduating, approximately 60% are in graduate jobs.

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