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Career Advice for University Freshmen

112710-jt-dale-300x162So your parents have just invested a significant amount of money for university education. As a freshman, what can you do to make sure you get your money’s worth? How will you assure a return on your investment (ROI)? Well, here is a very important fact about university and ROI. Attending class, establishing a good GPA, and completing a major will get you a degree but NOT a job. And your degree alone will not educate you on how to transition from a student to a professional. Your degree alone will not educate you on how to build your network, establish your professional brand, and obtain and keep a job.

So, when should you begin working on your career development? Immediately! Here are 6 steps to kick start your career as a university freshman Read the rest of this entry »


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25 Qualities and Characteristics of a Great Leader


It takes a lot to be a great leader. Here are the 25 top characteristics that entrepreneurs need to lead a thriving business:

1. They have a vision.
2. They are passionate.
3. They are outstanding communicators.
4. They have character.
5. They take responsibility.
6. They praise often.
7. They decide and act quickly.
8. They are humble. Read the rest of this entry »

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Every Job Promotion is Somewhat Political

57639263Dear CoachFaith:  I am 46 years old, and I’m going into my 7th year with a bank. I recently applied for a center manager position after our manager left for another opportunity. I have since been told, due to my minimal experience, I would not be chosen. Also, I have been told by co-workers it’s futile to try, especially with more experienced male competitors. However, political indicators tell me it’s all in who you know, rather than hard work and work ethic. Should I give up on moving up in the banking world? — Lola, Ikeja Read the rest of this entry »

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Over 33 and don’t have a Career Goal…


Dear CoachFaith, What do you advise for someone who doesn’t like working? I’ve never liked any of the jobs I’ve ever had. I have a good history of longevity with jobs, but I’m always unhappy. I’m over 30, and I still don’t know “what I want to be when I grow up.” — Mary Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Find your Career Path

wp-1461101484382.jpgDear CoachFaith, I’m a fresh graduate, I majored in Business Education (Accounting Option) in one of Nigeria’s foremost University. I am someone who believes in making a difference and not just earning a pay. I’m quite startled with the way employers view my course as though it is irrelevant to the workplace. Hence, I think I need a defined career for myself.

Also, taking Accounting as a career is a no-no for now because I didn’t study pure Accounting and going for ICAN isn’t possible now due to paucity of funds (though, planning to further when I get a job).

Thanks in anticipation of your response! – Dare Read the rest of this entry »


Things to Consider When Choosing a Career


Dear CoachFaith: I am a fresh graduate of Industrial Chemistry, I am currently awaiting NYSC callup, but am using this waiting time to test the waters of job market. I Just want to ask that what criteria should one be mindful of in choosing a career or a workplace.-Funmilayo, Ibadan

Dear Funmilayo: Frankly speaking, choosing a career is a very different thing from choosing a job or choosing which company to work for. While a job, in essence, is a way to trade time for money, and a company is the place where you do it, a career is a much bigger and more important concept. Your career is what you hope to be doing throughout your working life. While a career usually consists of multiple jobs, it has a unifying theme.

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Common Habits That Ruin A Career


Dear CoachFaith, I work at an NGO with international funding, I have been with them for about 15 years now, in fact I have been with them since my NYSC days. I and two other colleagues are currently being considered for managerial appointment, with new posting to manage the proposed office in Liberia come 2017. We are currently being observed – like a probation. What is your advise for me at this period! How can I stand out! – Kemi, Abuja Read the rest of this entry »

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