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Basics of Online Job Application – Part 1

shutterstock_240832993-400x275Dear CoachFaith: How does online job search work generally, I don’t think it works for me. Please I need your advice on this – Ronald, Jos.

Dear Ronald: Online job hunting online is more convenient and cost effective compared to doing the legwork needed for typical job hunting. However, the success rate of your online job hunting activities mostly depends on sending online applications the right way. Here are some essential tips that every job hunter should bear in mind. Read the rest of this entry »


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Ignore Employment Stats During a Job Search


Dear CoachFaith: Today, I read two “employment trends” reports from two different online sites. One claims jobs will rise in the months ahead as such, job-hunters should be proactive; the other says we are in the 11th straight month of decline, and the lowest in the last decade. What should I believe? Are we rebounding or not? As a job seeker who has been out of work for eight months, I want to believe things are getting better, but the lack of job postings in my field tell me otherwise.

How can anyone make sense of all the conflicting statistics? — Seyi Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Find your Career Path

wp-1461101484382.jpgDear CoachFaith, I’m a fresh graduate, I majored in Business Education (Accounting Option) in one of Nigeria’s foremost University. I am someone who believes in making a difference and not just earning a pay. I’m quite startled with the way employers view my course as though it is irrelevant to the workplace. Hence, I think I need a defined career for myself.

Also, taking Accounting as a career is a no-no for now because I didn’t study pure Accounting and going for ICAN isn’t possible now due to paucity of funds (though, planning to further when I get a job).

Thanks in anticipation of your response! – Dare Read the rest of this entry »


Things to Consider When Choosing a Career


Dear CoachFaith: I am a fresh graduate of Industrial Chemistry, I am currently awaiting NYSC callup, but am using this waiting time to test the waters of job market. I Just want to ask that what criteria should one be mindful of in choosing a career or a workplace.-Funmilayo, Ibadan

Dear Funmilayo: Frankly speaking, choosing a career is a very different thing from choosing a job or choosing which company to work for. While a job, in essence, is a way to trade time for money, and a company is the place where you do it, a career is a much bigger and more important concept. Your career is what you hope to be doing throughout your working life. While a career usually consists of multiple jobs, it has a unifying theme.

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Cons of Job Interviews

042311-always-attempt-a-salary-negotiation-300x243Dear CoachFaith: I have gone through you blog! It’s so insightful! I have been in the Telecoms for about five years now! I actually got the job on reference, so never had to take an interview, I have never taken interview in  my life! However, a recent development in the organisation saw a number of us loosing our job. I feel the conditions for disengaging us was not fair! However, I want to move on. What is your advise on interviews generally? Daniel, Ikeja.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Answering that Salary Question

confDear CoachFaith: I have ready made answers for almost all interview question except this ‘How much do you want to be paid’ question. And that is for two reasons, one, it feel wield that am asked to cost myself, like, fix a price tag on myself! I hate it. Two, just how much low or high do I go! A books said it feels classy to go a bit high and another tells me not to name a price up front at all. In the recent past I have received calls from two human-resources departments and one recruiter have called and demanded to know how much salary I wanted. When I refused to name a number, he ceased all conversation. Both HR departments also wanted me to name my salary before interviewing. Is this the new trend? – Paul, Warri

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