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The Worse the Job, the Harder it is to Leave

wp-1461101722224.jpgDear CoachFaith: My son, Dan, recently began working with a IT firm at Ikeja. He did not ask appropriate questions because he resumed duty at the company. The employer was not forthcoming with this important company rules and information either. Once he started and was given the employee manual, he discovered the company had some funny conditions of service for example, they only pay for only one week of vacation after completing one full year of work! Further, his hours are now 6:45 a.m. to 5 p.m., with only one hour for lunch, and he receives no differential pay or over time. Is there anything he can do? – Joyce, Lekki Read the rest of this entry »


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Answering that Salary Question

confDear CoachFaith: I have ready made answers for almost all interview question except this ‘How much do you want to be paid’ question. And that is for two reasons, one, it feel wield that am asked to cost myself, like, fix a price tag on myself! I hate it. Two, just how much low or high do I go! A books said it feels classy to go a bit high and another tells me not to name a price up front at all. In the recent past I have received calls from two human-resources departments and one recruiter have called and demanded to know how much salary I wanted. When I refused to name a number, he ceased all conversation. Both HR departments also wanted me to name my salary before interviewing. Is this the new trend? – Paul, Warri

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