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sUGar dADdy treNd oN tHE RisE…#cOPieD


Young girls lured by the temptation of opulent lifestyles sleeps with married men in exchange for money and gifts

Flashy cars, parties, and fat wallets is a hot pursuit these days for young girls wanting to sponge off married man.

These young girls who target the so-called ‘sugar daddies’ don’t shy away from being dependent on a man for their every need, and have earned themselves names like ‘ATM bombers’ and ‘pantypreneurs’, while they refer to their rich lovers as ‘goldmines’.

One of the hardest things a young girl has to go through in life is to find herself in the arms of a married man who not only wants to have a sexual relationship with but also to impregnate her; not to mention the risk of infecting her with HIV.

The decision to date a married man could be influenced by one’s background and environment.

In most cases it is due to peer pressure, emulating friends and the need to belong to ‘the top society’.

The Weekly went out on the streets and quizzed young girls about sharing sheets with married men.

Sixteen-year-old Palesa (not her real name) did not beat around the bush regarding her involvement with a 42-year-old man.

“It’s all about fitting in the group. My friends and I compete amongst each other, like what our sugar daddies do and if they are up to the desired standard.”

Palesa revealed that her sugar daddy provides her with airtime worth R1 000 every month.

“I have a bank account into which he deposits money every Friday; he is really taking care of me; I have no intention to leave him.”

In the face of all this simple yet glamorous life, Palesa is scared to bring up the issue of practising safe sex; lest the sugar daddy dumps her.

“Honestly, we don’t use condoms, I’m afraid to ask him to, because he might think that I’m sleeping with someone else.”

Consequently, the young girls who are into these older married men, who take care of their needs want nothing to do with boys in their age group who cannot pay the bills.  However, not all teenagers prefer older men.

A much wiser 17-year-old learner from Eunice High School, Patricia, could not conceal her disgust at her peers who sleep with married man, describing them as lacking conscience.

“Why would young women who are supposed to pray to God for a proper partner tie their destiny to married men?”

Although she admitted that the temptation does exist and can be overwhelming at times, she cautioned young girls from falling into the trap.

“I can’t do such a callous thing, because I will get married someday and I wouldn’t like my husband to cheat on me. I also wouldn’t take kindly to another woman hitting it off with my husband.” A local man who could not reveal his identity for fear of jeopardising his marriage confessed his obsession with young girls.

“I like them young. You know what they say, the younger the better.”

He went on to reveal that young girls just throw caution to the wind and are more adventurous in bed, unlike his boring frigid wife.

“I do understand my wife has many commitments. My side chick, on the other hand, does not ask me any questions; all she asks for is money for airtime and to be dropped off at school.” Boikanyo Mokoena, a teacher at one of Bloemfontein’s private schools, gave us his candid assessment of  the issue of inter-generational relationships.

“Men are promiscuous by nature. Read the rest of this entry »


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8 Degrees of Singlehood

The Eight Degrees of Singlehood: Where Do You Fall On the List? By Chiara Atik, Author of Modern Dating

“So, are you single?” It’s a question we expect people to have one of two answers to: Yes, or no. You’re either single or you’re not.

But what about all the various degrees of singlehood? Some single people I know haven’t been on a date in years; others are on a date every night; still others haven’t officially declared themselves paired off, but spend most of their free time with the same person. Where do you fall on the spectrum?


1) The Single Still Mourning Their Last Relationship

Your last relationship was a doozy: a Nicholas Sparks-worthy tale of passion, love, and resentment. You might feel like you need a few years to tend to your depleted emotional wells after that break-up. In the meantime, you may find yourself half-heartedly dating, but your heart’s just not into it yet. Instead, you’d rather talk about your last relationship to your (very patient) friends. Don’t worry — we’ve all been there.

2) The Single Who Is Painfully Aware of Being Single

You see yourself as being single above everything: in your mind, it’s your defining characteristic. You’ve started to fixate on the couple sitting in front of you at the movies, rather than on the movie itself. Maybe you resent your paired-up friends. Maybe you start to avoid the topic of dating altogether. You start to feel like the prospect of dating is hopeless — and it will be, unless you turn your attitude around, and start seeing yourself as a person, not just a single person.

3) The Single Who Is Eternally Single (And Content With It)

Work life? Check. Friends? Check. Cool hobbies, interests, clothes, apartment? Check, check, check, check. You seem to have everything in your life, except, for some reason, a relationship.

There’s no good reason why you’re single, that’s just how things sort of are for you right now. Maybe you go on some dates now and then, but for the most part, you find yourself happily settled into your solo routines and habits. Someday, you might make room in your life for a relationship, but for now, it’s not a priority.

4) The Newly Single Person Who Doesn’t Really Mind Being Single

Ah, single again. Well, no big deal: you know the routine. For you, being single is just a time to recalibrate after a relationship. Hang out with friends more, start that project you’ve been putting off, get back to the gym.

After all, it’s sort of nice to be on your own for a while! To have quiet nights in by yourself, and wild nights out with your friends.  You totally appreciate the positive side to being single, which is good, because you’re usually not single for long.

5) The Single Person Who Loves The Thrill 

Single? Of course you’re single. You wouldn’t dream of  being tied to just one person, not when dating is this exciting!

The thrill of the chase, the butterflies, the flirting: you are good at the dating game, and you know it. Maybe someday you’ll settle down, but not while you’re having so much fun.

6) The Single Headhunter

There is an opening in your life, and you’re looking to fill the position of Significant Other ASAP. You take a serious, almost business-like approach to finding a partner (which doesn’t mean you don’t have fun on dates!). You date consistently, and use any method available to you to find dates, whether it’s getting set up by friends, dating online, or meeting people in bars. You’re not willing to waste your time right now on someone who you don’t think has long-term potential, so it’s a lot of first dates with no follow-up. Yeah, it’s been frustrating, at times, but whatever: you’re not easily daunted. And you know that when you set your mind to something, you usually get what you want.

7) The Single Who’s Suddenly Sewing (Oats)

You probably spent your formative years A) completely following the rules at all times, or B) in a serious, long-term relationship. In other words, you’re ready to make up for lost time.

Like a marooned desert wanderer upon reaching an oasis, you have an appetite for dating that can not be easily sated. Drinks with this person, dinner with that person, and text-flirting all night with a third. This is the first time in your life that you’ve felt so sexy and capable, and you’re drunk with power.

The thing is though, you actually want to settle down, and see it in the not-so-different future. So with every flirt-text, you’re measuring someone’s capabilities as a potential partner. But you’re not going to settle for just anybody, and until you find the right somebody, you’re going to make your dating life as exciting as you possible can.

8) The Single Who’s Not Really That Single

Yeah, technically you’re not dating someone, and your Facebook status might proudly say “Single.” But secretly, you’re completely wrapped up in someone else, and you’re not really interested in playing the field. Whether this is an unrequited love that you can’t seem to let go of, or an on-going “maybe we will, maybe we won’t” dalliance, calling you “unattached” is an affront to people who are actually single. This neverland of singlehood is not a good place to hang out in for too long, so either make the leap with the person you’re into, or let them go for good. You’ll probably be happier in the long run.

You’re Great-by-Design


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#suGeR DadDy TRenD

This are just a few of the stories I copied from a ladies forum on the internet to form case studies for the informations I summarized below the stories…
Sugar Daddy is becoming a viral trend among the young female folks and it high-time someone informed them. Why make your life an experiment if you have this much testimonies of the woes of dating a sugar daddy…
I dated a sugar daddy,he was kind,caring evrythng u wnt in a men. Most of all he prvde 4 me in evrythng i needed bt nw i regt erva meetng him cause he gave me HIV.Bt there no use of cryng over it coz i got wat i desvd.I’m ervn afrd of tellng pple ma resltz.I’m da only 1 who knwz it,bt nw i see that i’m slimmng down each and evry day.People want 2 knw hw i slimmd down because I was tryng 2 slim 4 a lng time bt nw ma weight just dropng.Dont knw what 2 do coz i’m afraid of gng 4 ma CD4 count.Just the thght of pple looking at me in a differnt way is worrible.So i’m just gng 2 kp quiet until I die.

suger daddies are so wicked i dated one in abuja he lov sex so much if he told me we are going for outing u will think is taking me for shoping of cloth, bag and shoe. He is taking me to hotel for sex. We did this for four time i got pregrant i abort it for him and nearly die and call him one day that we should stop sex relationship he said no since he still lov me, there will still be sex. He still ask me more outing for sex i had sex with him once again. I sit down one day i think what to do and i said if i am still in this abj this man will destrol my life and i run back to lagos . Now I am praying to God to forgive me all my sin and i am liveing a new life with my boy friend .

Sugar daddies is a very dirty thing. I regreted ever giving in to a man. I called hin sugardaddy bcos his married wt kids. I thank God i brookup wt him. Pls, if u’re still in d game, call it quit.

Sugar daddies re caring, loving nd provides ur need bt dey re wicked nd dey cannt keep a particular gal al dey do is go arund wth gals ve sex nd cum back nd gv u wat dey ve contacted g dd outside gals dey carry arun..Dey re really hrtless, cruel nd mean..Gal pls b careful dont b carred way by d flashy tin dey offer..Jst ignore den nd live a wonderful Life wth gr8 future

1. The only thing he wants is sex. He comes and goes back home to his wife.
2. He is never going to leave his wife for you
3. You are most likely not the only one
4. After using you he will move onto someone else
5. He doesn’t owe you anything
6. Getting pregnant on purpose
won’t trap him, his kids are at home with his wife
7. His money and properties are his and his wife’s, you only get the small change
8. You will never be part of his future

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rELaTIonsHiPs- 11 Truths Every Lady ShouldKnow!!!!

Ladies, knowing the truth, they say
set one free. Read this very
carefully and learn…..

1. Guys love to marry independent
and mature ladies… So
instead of sitting there and waiting to be bluffed by a
guy, focus on getting a career that would take you
out of the house wife category…
2. Never let the sweet talks of guys deceive you,
most times they just want to go between your legs
and run off thereafter.
3. Stop fantasising that guys will keep coming up to
approach you. The older you get by the day, the less
admirers you have.
4. Stop playing ‘too’ hard to get! Remember, nothing
lasts forever. If you still doubt, check out the number
of matured single ladies looking up to GOD FOR A
5. Never extort things from a guy you don’t love, guys
always have ways of paying a girl back, either through
6. Never be deceived, you cant keep a guy using s*x.
You can never win a man over with your body.
7. If all you take to the relationship is the mind set to
EXTRACT MONEY from him, don’t complain if all he
ask from you is
your body. He has seen you have nothing else to
8. Don’t be fooled when guys tell you they have never
met a prettier girl, they will say that same thing to an
80year old woman they want to get intimate with.
9. A guy always taking you to the CINEMA, FAST
FOOD, MALL AND EVENTS, CLUBS is no sign that he
loves you, if he doesn’t care to ask and PLAN THE
FUTURE WITH YOU, then you are just his ‘SOCIAL
10. If the only time he invites you over is when he
needs to cook, clean the house and do his laundry, then
just know you are his “executive house help”.
11. If he avoids meeting your family and close friends,
then it is an obvious sign he is just playing games with

, ,

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GoOd wIfE…GOD’s fAvOur

….you see when I was much younger I took marriage and relationship issues more lightly…when I hear adults especialLy in christian the fold talk about praying and seeking God direction for marriage I am usually a little indifferent…I do tell my self “it not that bad jare…when time comes I’ll marry one of my many beautiful friends”…so I intentionally built grew a flock of female-friends without attachments…

But as age catch up on me,
I have come realize relationships
marriages are more that wishful thinking.

Beauty is deceitful, Virtues are rear
Beautiful ladies aren’t necessarily virtuous
Virtuous ladies aren’t necessarily beautiful

A wise man knows the heart of God
A favored man finds a good wife
A wise man…a good wife…a solid home


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