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Marketing Tips for Shy People



Let’s face it: selling isn’t for everyone. Some people, including executives and entrepreneurs, panic at the thought of “putting themselves out there”. Isn’t there a path to growth that doesn’t involve wearing a snakeskin suit? If your knees go weak when you think of attending a company event, or if you find yourself making excuses to avoid speaking to large groups of people, you may be thinking “Am I too shy to market?” or worse, presuming that this is a fact: “I’m too shy to market.”

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Presentation Tips for Shy People

#TipsForShyPeople: And if you’re shy or simply consider yourself not a “natural public speaker,” the prospect of having to command a room might feel especially daunting. The truth however is, many before you have conquered those fears and even gone on to become great speakers, and you can too. Here are eight tips to help you do it.
1. First and foremost: Practice, practice, practice. When you see smooth, well-timed, engaged presentations, it’s almost always because the presenter has practiced and rehearsed over and over. Practicing out loud, repeatedly, is key; the more times you practice, the better you’ll know the material and the more accustomed you’ll be to the rhythm and flow of the presentation overall.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Interview Tips for Shy People

wp-1461102050745.png#TipsforShyPeople SeriesThis is a follow up from the Networking Tips for Shy People (which was a reply to Israel’s question). Interviews are critical huddle that every job seekers must scale…and for shy folks this is not funny at all. However, first impressions are everything, so if you’re shy by nature, you need to break out of your shell if you’re trying to impress someone. 

This is extremely crucial during a job interview and in fact, shy people need to “express a high level of self-confidence” even more so than extroverts, said Bill Rosenthal, CEO of Communispond, an organization aimed at helping professionals communicate more effectively. Read the rest of this entry »

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Networking Tips for Shy People

01516369979Dear CoachFaith: I am a shy person. I can’t even hid it – am sure mine is a sort of disorder, I am extremely shy, it has obviously denied me of so many opportunity. However, against all odds I was favoured to land a banking job about a year ago, I work at the HR department of a leading Nigerian commercial bank, however the first thing my colleagues observe about me (even before my great IQ) is this shyness thing…am tired of this negative attention. I need help! And now it obvious my progress is tied to my network, so how do I go about this?  – Israel, Abuja Read the rest of this entry »

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25 Qualities and Characteristics of a Great Leader


It takes a lot to be a great leader. Here are the 25 top characteristics that entrepreneurs need to lead a thriving business:

1. They have a vision.
2. They are passionate.
3. They are outstanding communicators.
4. They have character.
5. They take responsibility.
6. They praise often.
7. They decide and act quickly.
8. They are humble. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 Tips for a More Fruitful Job Hunt – Marion S Wendell

wp-1461101571555.jpgIt’s ironic that hunting for a job tends to be more difficult and stressful than the job itself. Whether you’re looking for a different employer because you’re not growing as a person and as an employee in your current one or you’re just out for a new experience, you’re going to be jumping through a lot of hoops to get a new job.

Job hunting is not too different from selling. With job hunting, you simply sell your skills to a company willing to pay you so they can make money out of you. It’s a bit of a dark outlook, but it’s reality.


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